What kind of products can peppercorns be processed into?What are the peppercorns processing products?

We will use the cooking of peppercorns, but the effect of peppercorns is far more than that. Small peppercorns can be processed into more than 20 products. This article takes you to understand what products are processing in peppercorns.

1. Save the peppercorns

After pupping fresh green pepper, a vacuum refrigerated.Compared with dried peppercorns, it has a fragrance in the aroma.When using it, it is matched with fresh peppers to highlight fresh and fresh spicy.

2, dried peppercorns

The mature peppercorns are dried to remove the seeds. Without processing, the hemp flavor variable is large.Before use, the whole granules need to be placed in the pot with warm and fry, so that the oil is volatilized and then used.

3, peppercorns oil

The flavor of peppercorns is heavier, and the pepper flavor is rich. It can set the functions of hemp flavor, pepper and hemp. It can be used in Sichuan cuisine, cold dishes, pasta, rice noodles, and hot pot.

4, peppercorns oil

The peppercorn seeds are excellent woody oil, with an oil content of 22.7%to 29.5%.The oil extracted from the peppercorns is edible after refining.Peppercority oil is an indispensable ore flotal, plastic plasticizer, and leather lipid agent for the chemical industry.


One is dried pepper to remove the seeds. It can be mixed with green onions and leaves, which can also be mixed with green onions and leaves. The particles are thick and the hemp flavor is strong.EssenceThe other is that fresh peppercorns instead of dried pepper, the hemp flavor will be much gentle.

The peppercorns of the knife mouth are mostly matched with the pepper. It is called "knife mouth pepper", which is used to prepare flavored dishes, pickled raw materials, or for large spicy dishes.

6, peppercorns

Dry red pepper pepper and dry into powder, which is thinner than the peppercorns.It is mostly used to configure filling, mixing vegetables, pickled code flavor, etc., and the hemp -flavored substances are easy to seep, and the amount of use should be flexibly grasped.The pepper powder is also often equipped with a variety of flavors and seasonings, such as spiced powder and thirteen incense.

7. Summer and salt

Mix the dried red pepper and salt in proportion, and remove it. You can also stir -fry the peppercorns first, and mix with the salt after crushing.Chili and salt are mostly used for flavored discs, dipped in fried foods, or for the auxiliary seasoning for fried, fried, and branded dishes.

8. Pepper of Pepper Essential Oil

It is an oily substance extracted from the distillation method, solvent method or extraction method. The high content per kilogram of essential oil is equivalent to 60-100 kilograms of peppercorns. It has a strong and strong spicy flavor.Effectively avoid oxidation, and it is convenient for preservation and transportation.Generally do not eat directly, mostly used in the food industry and cosmetics industry.

9. Composite seasoning

For example, spicy incense pot powder, spicy fragrant powder, Mapo tofu powder, etc., are mainly made of pepper and pepper, adding products made of various auxiliary materials, suitable for use in the food industry and catering industry.Good effect.

The above are some common usage of peppercorns, as well as the products processed by peppercorns, are there a lot ~

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