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This is the sixth dream of understanding the dream column "Dream Analysis Room" and ambiguous friends with the same sex. Am I bisexual?What happened to dreaming of another yourself and feels closely integrated?Dreaming of sexual assault is the trauma that repeats similar experiences?

The previous issue was a theme analysis of the common classic dream "Dream of the tooth".Today, we intend to bring you some less common but more interesting dream stories analysis.

I hope that by observing how to interpret the dream of interpretation, you will gradually break up some misunderstandings about dreams and understand the principles of dreams; even further, try to understand your dreams and communicate with deep self.

The following will bring you 5 interesting dream analysis.

Dream Record

01 Dreaming of Ambiguous with Friends of the same sex

02 Dreaming of the niece was abducted by a trafficker

03 Dreaming of another yourself

04 Dreaming of abnormal magnificent horror scenes

05 Dreaming of his mother was violated by a bad man (Detailed Dream of Dream)

06 Dreaming of the person who died died

(Note: Because the information provided by the dreamer is limited, and the experience, environment, and personality of each person are different, the image of the finger generation in the dream is not the same. The following analysis is not the only standard answer.)

I am a senior girl. One day I talked about sexual orientation from Sam Smith with another girl (very beautiful and temperamental, or Xueba).She said she suspected that she might be bisexual, and many people were. I also said that I think I might be.

That night, I dreamed of what we were doing or action. I happened to be niches and did not hold back my kiss … I admit that I have had a few fantasies about the same -sex friends in junior high school. I have also done it with the male god.Dream, do I have a bisexual tendency?Or am I always cool and handsome, just kidding habit?This problem has troubled me for a long time.

Dream Image Analysis

Everyone is the director of their dreams, and dreams are the display of their inner world.Every dream, or even things, can be regarded as a side of the personality in his heart.There are hundreds of people’s personality aspects, which constitute complex humanity.

To some extent, different personalities can also correspond to different gender: for example, masculinity can be regarded as a male side, and feminine can be female.

Comprehensive analysis

If you think of the characters in dreams as the side of your own personality, then the beautiful and temperamental learning bully is that you are looking forward to a better self.

Perhaps in reality, I feel that I am not so beautiful and not so good, but everyone has a better self in their hearts.Meeting and falling in love with a better self in a dream is also the process of seeing a better self.

Dreamingman message:

Meet and love with a better yourself.Hello, another me 🙂

Yesterday, I dreamed that the six -year -old niece jumped to go to the neighbor’s house to borrow bottle to install spring water. I sat at the side of the road and said it.Soon after hearing her shouting two grandma, there was no voice.

I hurried to find her. As a result, I saw a fat boy in her arms with a crying young man on the way, next to the mother who was frightened.I realized that this man was a trafficker, and quickly grabbed the child from him and gave it to that mother. He didn’t even resist much, so he left, and there was a backpack with enough backing a child on his back.

I continued to find, the more I thought about it, the more wrong, I couldn’t find the little niece for a long time. I instantly felt that the man was wrong. I suspected that his little niece was in his backpack.No.

Comprehensively analyze the theme of "separation": Everyone will be separated from their loved ones, such as parents, spouses, siblings, children.The "separation" method includes: different places, life and death, severing contact, etc.If you have n’t practiced, you may not be able to bear it, so repeatedly rehearse around this theme.

For example, this dream, chose a lowly low niece.When you adapt, you may slowly upgrade to your children (or others); at the beginning, he was abducted, and it may be recovered. When you adapt, you may slowly upgrade to the theme of life and death separation.But dreams are just rehearsal, and rehearsal in advance is not a bad thing.

The separation of various themes in the dream is to face better separation in reality.

Dreamingman message:

Cherish every fate, because there is a day of separation.

I dreamed that I was born in a ship that is not leaning on the sea.There is a lovely girl on the boat. She is healthy and lively. She is the captain’s daughter.

One day, the captain asked her to dive into the sea, and then she died.She was quiet and lying quietly on the deck of the boat.

There was a dim night, and I secretly hugged her into the sea.I hugged her for a long time, until dawn, we saw the coast.I took her to see the land and saw the heartbeat of the early days.I know all her thoughts and wishes, we are all in one.

Dream analysis

I want to use a parable to compare the parent’s combination first, and the mother’s birth in October for childbirth:

Everyone is a child of God. With his father’s blessings and strength (conception), he entered the sea (the neultage of the uterus), passed through the cave (producing canal), and came to the world (childbirth).

This dream is this metaphor.

Therefore, there are 3 possible interpretation directions:

1. Dreams sometimes return to the state of birth. Although I can’t remember it in consciousness, I still remember the subconscious.

On the whole, the mother’s energy was not enough and mood may not be good at the time, so she was affected at the time.This dream is that after birth, you have very little motherly love, and you have a lot of regrets in your childhood, so you return to the time when your parents are combined to re -getting childbirth to make up for your inner regret.

2. You may have a miscarriage experience before you are born.

You feel the sadness of your mother, so you go back and comfort your sister who has never met.With the power of my sister, psychologically re -birth.

3. Sometimes when we encounter setbacks, we will degenerate to the state of childhood. I really want to return to my mother’s belly to get energy again.This dream was the process of returning to that time, saving a dead self, and re -gaining energy.

Dreamingman message:

Anyway, you get reborn.

I have done the same dream many times: In the dark night, I was deeply trapped in the center of the vortex, and the sea was drowned.Hand instincts grabbed in the air, but couldn’t catch anything that wanted to grasp the life -saving thing. It was a very high and steep cliff, and felt helpless and desperate.

Dream Image Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of analysis of inner angle

In the dream, I entered the depths of the subconscious, trapped in the turmoil of consciousness, and was brought by my messy cold and magnificent emotions.I struggled desperately, but it didn’t help; the long -term helpless situation in my heart also developed my hard and stubborn character.Even so, I still can’t get rid of the feeling of helplessness and despair.Analysis of contact with reality angle

In real life, I can’t see the hope of the future, and I feel that I am drawn by fate rolls and restraint, and I will suffocate.I am struggling desperately, but there is nothing to help. There is no other way around. I feel helpless and desperate.

Dreamingman message:

Change the goal, look back at the shore; leave this environment and express your mood?

(Detailed explanation of dreams)

Dream one

When I was a kid, I often dreamed of ghosts. I was impressed with a ghost in a black cloak.When I was a kid, I grew up in Grandpa’s house, and the ghost came to Grandpa’s house. Our children and sisters were scared and hid. Finally, Grandpa wiped out the ghost with water.

Dream II

I also dreamed of a crazy grandma, a grandma next to my grandpa’s house. For some reasons, it was crazy. Throughout the day, she was often locked in the backyard.I dreamed that I went to Grandpa’s house, and found no one after entering the door. Then I turned back to see her in from the door. Her hair was white and her long hair was floating. Then I ran over and asked her to return me my grandparents.

Dream Three

I also dreamed that I had a key hung on my neck and went home. I was planning to open the door. I came to the two men for my key. I won’t give it, but the mother at home shouted.After that, my mother opened the door.The two men followed the house.After that, her mother was brought into the bedroom by two men … Although she was small at that time, she knew what would happen in the dream. The dream was helpless.After the two men came out in the dream, I rushed up and scolded, but I still felt very weak. This dream made me particularly uncomfortable, and I never forgotten and solved it.

Comprehensive analysis

First of all, let me briefly summarize the three dreams: Dream 1: Black cloak ghost was destroyed by grandpa.Dream 2: Mad Grandma (female ghost) harmed her grandparents and fight with the female ghost herself.Dream Three: Iself with the key, ushered in a bad man, and could not remind her mother. After the mother opened the door, she was violated by two bad men.

There may be many readers who feel that this dream is violated by the dreamer (or the mother of the dreamer), and then this trauma is constantly played in the dream?Actually not.There are three reasons: Dream Three is too straightforward, dreams have a review mechanism, such a straightforward narrative method will not become dreams.The subconscious has a metaphorical method, and the vague expression.Three dreams can be seen as a series of stories.If the dream three is the trauma experience, then it is not right with the previous dream and there is no continuity.If such a thing really happens, the dreamer will not come to ask the dream what it means.

The following is the possibility I see:

May one: The relationship with the mother is not good in reality

The female ghost and the grandmother of the black cloak are mothers (the image of a female ghost is usually a mother).Grandpa protects himself, and he is worried that Grandpa is killed by his mother, so he bravely fights.

At the same time, the mother of Dream Third Middle School was violated (because everyone is the director of their dream).Through this arrangement, the hatred of her mother was vented in my dream.Unable to make a sound, weakness, and scolding afterwards may be a cover (the dreamer himself does not know it is covering).

Therefore, in the dream, my mother is a bad mother (female ghost), hates her mother, and Grandpa helps himself less bullied by many mothers, and he is also worried that grandpa is bullied by his mother.

May 2: Release the fear in daily life

Maybe the dreamer had suffered a lot of scared language from a young man, forming a lot of horrible concepts in the hearts of the dreamer.Therefore, the fear accumulated in daily life will be released with these bizarre scenes in dreams.

Adults scared their language, such as: You don’t go home so late, the ghost comes; corresponding to the dream one.The old lady is a ghost or a lunatic, and she can eat people (in the past, I did not understand the mental illness); corresponding to Dream II.Bad men will violate and hurt women; correspond to Dream Three.

Comprehensive two possibilities speculate:

Dad in the dream has always been absent, only the victimized mother, as well as grandpa and grandma.It may be that Dad is not in this family, and his mother has not fulfilled his responsibility. Grandpa has taken care of himself a lot. He has hatred for his mother. He has a lot of fear in his heart.

Dreamingman message:

I feel your strength.

At the end

The above is the five dream analysis of the column in this issue. The next issue will be a special series of analysis of the "Flying Dream".Everyone is welcome to leave a message to feedback suggestions. If you have friends who are interested or in need, you can also repost with them to discuss dreams.

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