What kind of tea can pregnant women drink

Pregnant women can drink wolfberry tea.Lycium barbarum is rich in nutrients, and fruit contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, a variety of free amino acids, linoleic acid, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, Yi Jianzhi, and blood moisturizing, Zeya Yue Yan, Peiyuan Wufa and other effects.Wolfberry is sweet and flat. From these characteristics and nutritional value, pregnant women can drink wolfberry tea, especially pregnant women with weak constitution.In addition, wolfberry also has the effects of beauty and beauty, and blood moisturizing.

6 kinds of flower tea that pregnant women cannot drink

Black tea: safflower has the effects of promoting blood circulation, dispersing stasis and pain.It can be used for menstrual closed, dysmenorrhea, lack of dew, dysfunction, and damage.However, pregnant women avoid drinking health flower tea containing red flowers.

Rose tea: For women, drinking more roses can also make their face rosy like petals.This is because roses have a strong effect on qi and blood circulation, stasis, and diligatory viscera.What we usually say is bad, spots on the face, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms are related to the abnormal operation of qi and blood, stagnant to the uterus or facial.Once the qi and blood run normally, naturally you will look rosy and healthy.

Osmanthus tea: In addition to the meaning of the meaning and use as an ornamental, osmanthus is also made of tea to refine aroma oil and make supreme raw materials for making candy and pastry.After the tea is made of fresh osmanthus, it does not lose the taste of tea, but also has a strong aroma of osmanthus, and has the effect of ventilation and stomach after drinking.Chinese medicine believes that osmanthus has good medicinal value.The ancients said that Gui is the long -term medicine, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of "drinking the longevity of drinking."People with weak spleen and stomach and weak spleen and stomach can drink osmanthus tea to warm the stomach.

Peach Blossom Tea: Peach Blossom Tea is to make peach blossoms as tea.Peach blossom tea brewing method is simple. It can be beautiful and beautiful, and it is a romantic spring flower tea.The peach blossom is just flower tea, but also a Chinese medicine. The medicinal nature is bitter, flat, and function is to remove water and gas.

Rose flower tea: The roots, leaves, and flowers of rose flowers can be used as medicine. They have the effects of promoting blood circulation and swelling, anti -inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and used for stagnation of blood stasis, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, menstrual abdominal pain, blood stasis and pain.Good medicine.For common diseases of gynecology, the folk uses rose flowers to unilaterally and testories.In addition, women often use rose petals to make water as tea, or add other bodybuilding tea to drink, which can also promote blood and beauty, making people live youthful.

What tea is it safer to drink for pregnant women

1. Rose Guogu: There is no enough data support.But it contains a lot of vitamin C, which can improve the development of the fetal immune system.

2. Bee flowers: Safe.It has the effect of calming, soothing stress, sleep.

3. Mint leaves: Safe.It can help soothe symptoms such as pregnant women’s nausea, morning vomiting, and bloating.

4, mangrove leaves: safer.It is rich in iron, which can help the development of the embryo, increase milk, reduce nausea, and reduce pain during pregnancy.However, there are different opinions that they should not drink this kind of tea during the whole process of pregnancy, so experts recommend that you should be careful when drinking tea. The safest is to drink in the first three months of pregnancy.

5. Chamomile: There is no enough data support.But contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, which can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia and joint inflammation.

6. Ginger: Safe.It helps to soothe symptoms of pregnancy and nausea.

7. Dandelion: There is not enough data support.But contain a large amount of vitamins A, calcium and iron.The roots and leaves of dandelion help relieve mild puffiness and nourish the liver.

What tea can pregnant women drink

Pregnant women should drink an appropriate amount of green tea: tea contains beneficial ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, etc., if pregnant women drink 2 to 5 grams of light green tea every day, it will strengthen heart and kidney function, promote blood circulation, help digestion, prevent pregnancy edema, and promote fetal growth and development.It is good.

Can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea: Can pregnant women drink chrysanthemum tea? Chrysanthemum tea in chrysanthemum tea is chamomile.Effective.Pregnant women can drink chrysanthemum tea, so that pregnant women can drink some chrysanthemum tea appropriately.

Precautions for pregnant women to drink tea

Pregnant women should avoid drinking strong tea.Because tea contains tannic acid, tannic acid can be combined with iron in pregnant women’s food into a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body.If pregnant women drink too much tea, it may cause pregnancy anemia, and the fetus may also have congenital iron deficiency anemia.

Drinking light green tea is also correct.Drink light green tea 1 hour after a meal. If pregnant women can drink 3 to 5 grams of tea a day, especially light green tea, it is great to strengthen heart and kidney function, promote blood circulation, help digestion, prevent pregnancy edema, and promote fetal growth and development.Benefits.It can be seen that pregnant women can drink tea.

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