What medicine to take for ovarian cysts

A kind of ovarian tumor in the broad sense of ovarian cysts can be sick in various age, but women aged 20 to 50 are more common. Ovarian tumors have various properties and forms, such as: one side or bilateral nature, bilateral, and bilateral.Cystic or solid, benign or malignant, among which cystic is more common and has a certain malignant ratio.The treatment of ovarian cysts depends on the age of the patient, the specific nature of the cysts, whether it is malignant, and the location, volume, size, growth rate, whether the fertility function is retained, and the subjective desire of the patient.

Clinically, patients with cyst diameter and more than 5cm and patients suspecting the signs of cysts are treated with surgical treatment. Postoperative pathology is the ultimate standard for diagnosis of cysts.However, many patients have a sense of fear in the clinic, and they can consult a doctor if they can treat ovarian cysts through drugs.Patients who are unwilling, unable to surgery or cyst diameter 5cm can be conservatively treated with Chinese and Western medicine.Below takes ovarian endometrium -like cysts as an example to introduce related drug treatment.

Western medicine treatment: Western medicine treatment of ovarian endometrium -like cysts clinically used earlier, and it is currently widely used in clinical practice.Mainly some hormone -related drugs, commonly used drugs include oral contraceptives (such as You Siming, Mom Fulong, Da Ying 35, etc.), high -efficiency progesterone (such as methar hydroxygenone, noreploid progesterone, etc.), androgen derivatives derivativeThings (dysibazole, pregnancy trotone), gnrha drugs (Liang Primrin, Goshearin, etc.).These drugs are also commonly used in patients with ovarian endometrial cysts or other types of endometriosis patients with surgical treatment for preventing recurrence and reducing recurrence rates.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment: my country’s current Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in conservative treatment of ovarian cysts, and has also achieved ideal treatment effects.Ovarian cysts are classified as "Y 瘕, qi stagnation and blood stasis, accumulation" of Chinese medicine.Clinical commonly used blood circulation and blood stasis drugs (blood breaking and dispeling Y drugs such as groue), virtual drugs (the most consumed drugs in qi medicine), and heat -clearing drugs (the most used for clearing heat and detoxifying drugs).Of course, the treatment of ovarian cysts in the treatment of ovarian cysts in clinical clinical clinic must be distinguished and distinguished, and dialectical treatment is performed according to the patient’s specific condition.It should be emphasized that the treatment of ovarian cyst drugs should pay attention to its adaptation range. For some ovarian cysts vicious signs, clinical symptoms are obvious, and patients with rapid growth and surgical conditions in the short term can choose surgical treatment.

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