What operation?The guy caught his girlfriend who was "preparing for the wedding"!Truth spicy eyes …

For many people

Whenever you mention sweet love, you can always "kill people" ~


The cost of falling in love is gone

What did you spend the most in love at the time?


A man in Foshan Gaoming revealed his spending list

As high as 400,000 yuan a year


It has to be purchased for more than 200,000 to do business




Prepare for a wedding


My loved ones are sick


… …

See here,

Do you start to sigh this peerless good BF

However, this is not the point

The point is that the man called the police!

Because he found his long -term dating girlfriend

Even holding the money you gave

"Raise" another boyfriend

What is going on?

We then look down:


On September 15 this year, Lu Mou, the owner of the Gaoming Branch of the Foshan Public Security Bureau, reported the case, saying that he was used to use emotional fraud by a woman more than 400,000.

Around October 2017, the victim Lu Mou met a woman named Zheng and established a relationship of love. Lu Mou wanted to marry Zheng and started to associate.

From the end of October 2017 to January 2018, Zheng asked Lu for more than 200,000 for business purchase.After that, Zheng made up various reasons to ask Lu for more than 100,000 yuan on the grounds of pregnancy and preparation for weddings.Until September 2018, Zheng asked Lu for about 400,000 to Lu Mou.

Suspect Zheng Mou

On October 22, the police at the Hollywood Police Station of the Gaoming Branch of the Foshan Public Security Bureau arrested Zheng Zheng, a woman who used emotions to perform fraud.According to the suspect Zheng Mou, after establishing a relationship with Lu in October 2017, in order to repay the debt, she lied that she had to buy a business for 200,000 yuan.

After trying the sweetness of cheating money, in February 2018, while working with Lu, Zheng merged and lived with his ex -boyfriend district, and then he has been pregnant, preparing for weddings, family illness and other reasons.Dedu Lu’s money, and in fact, these money is used to give the district’s business shop rental and their family expenses.

At present, the suspect Zheng has been detained criminally, and the case is under further investigation.

It’s the guise of "falling in love" together

Examples to implement fraud

But Xiaobian search

Such news has happened repeatedly!

In addition to falling in love with you

There are many scams under the guise of "making friends"

Pay attention!

Especially when it comes to money, be careful!

You can’t add these friends!


In addition, what unreliable dating experience have you encountered?

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