What person does Wei Xiaobao represent the seven wives of Wei Xiaobao?It’s a seven category

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What person does Wei Xiaobao represent the seven wives of Wei Xiaobao?It’s a seven category

We look at them one by one:

First, double children.

Shuang’er is a maid type, and is a wife who wants to think about.

Shuang’er’s care for Wei Xiaobao is considerate.

Wei Xiaobao has a double child. He does not have to do anything basic, and does not even need to dress and comb his hair.

As long as there are two children around, Wei Xiaobao’s daily life will be extremely comfortable and relaxed.

In particular, Shuang’er never cared about Wei Xiaobao with flowers outside, and finally became Wei Xiaoyi’s concubine, waiting for the bed.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say how much love with Wei Xiaobao has, and more is the feeling of master and servant.


Any woman is not willing to share with other women as long as she falls in love with a man.Because love is essentially selfish, this is human nature.

However, Shuang’er regards Wei Xiaobao’s other women, and even willing to help Wei Xiaobao hunting.If Shuang’er really loves this man and is a psychological girl, it is absolutely impossible to do this.

This explains that Shuang’er’s feelings for Wei Xiaobao are not deep.

Shuang’er is the maid of Wei Xiaobao by Grandma Zhuang Shao. She has no right to choose and can only serve as half a maid and half of Xiao Xiao.

If Shuang’er has the choice, she may choose the man he really likes.

Interestingly, many men want to be like a woman, and they think that such a wife is enough.No matter whether this kind of woman loves himself or not, he can do things at home anyway.

In fact, this kind of woman may not be a good partner because she has no feelings for you.

When a man really loves this kind of woman, he finds that she doesn’t actually love you very much, and it will disappoint.

Second, Mu Jianping.

Mu Jianping is naive, which is common to raising Bai Fumei.

Mu Jianping’s innocence and purity are naturally born. Naturally, all family members of all family have greatly encouraged this.

Even for a long time after Mu Jianping got married, he still showed great ignorance on the husband and wife. This is nature.

Although the naive little county master is simple, he is kind, has no bad eyes, and has no selfish desire. He repeatedly helps Wei Xiaobao regardless of danger.

She does not have a lot of women, and her heart is relatively wide, or she can’t think of too much care, and she will not hook her heart.

It can be said that as a girlfriend, the Little County Lord is still very good, which will make men feel very relaxed and have a natural love and care for her.

Unfortunately, Mu Jianping is not suitable for his wife.

She is too naive and simple. After getting married, you must be taken care of and protected by you, and even some small things in daily life will rely on you, just like half a daughter.

There may be nothing in a year and two years. It is enough for this man to suffer for ten years and eight years.

Third, Princess Jianning.

Princess Jianning is the type of desire, that is, a common woman with strong love and six desires.

Princess Jianning didn’t have much feelings for Wei Xiaobao, mainly because of strong desire and sexual desire.

In the palace, Wei Xiaobao is the only man (except Kangxi) that Princess Jianning is in contact with.

In the interaction with Wei Xiaobao, the girl princess quickly burst out the natural desire of human beings, and even more was a kind of abuse.

Swallowing is an alternative vent that cannot be completely satisfied with sexual desire. It can be seen that Princess Jianning’s desire is very strong, surpassing ordinary women.

Over time, Princess Jianning had a strong desire to produce Wei Xiaobao, and the two had a sexual relationship on the way to Yunnan.

Wei Xiaobao’s sexual ability is still good. Princess Jianning wants to stop and use Wei Xiaobao as an important part of life, and can no longer let go.

However, Princess Jianning was with Wei Xiaobao only because of desire, and the foundation was very unstable.They can only be rich and wealthy, and they will never be in trouble.

In reality, there are also many such women, and not only men will be lascivious.

Fourth, Fang Yi.

Fang Yi is a vulgar self -desire, which is the most common woman in society.

Initially, Fang Yi believed that Wei Xiaobao was a small eunuch with a low status and incomplete body.So it was Wei Xiaobao who saved her, but Fang Yi despised him very much, ridiculed, and even laughed at his physiological defects.

Interestingly, when Fang Yi wanted to use Wei Xiaobao to save her boyfriend Liu Yizhou, she began to stab Wei Xiaobao and even willing to be his wife.

Later, Fang Yi suddenly discovered that Wei Xiaobao turned out to be the lord of Aoki Hall, not an eunuch. The status, power, and wealth were much higher than her boyfriend Liu Yizhou.

So Fang Yi shook Liu Yizhou instantly and chose Wei Xiaobao.

But when she was in danger of life, Fang Yi did not hesitate to deceive Wei Xiaobao many times and sacrifice Wei Xiaobao to save his life.On the contrary, under the same encounter, Mu Jianping Ping, the master of Xiaojun, still tried to rescue Wei Xiaobao and was unwilling to watch him die.

Interestingly, even if these betrayal behaviors betrayed Wei Xiaobao, Fang Yi eventually chose to be with Wei Xiaobao.

Why?Wei Xiaobao is the best and richest one of the men she can meet.

If Fang Yi can meet a better man, she will not hesitate to get rid of Wei Xiaobao.

Fang Yi is not unusual, and it is unusual in society.

Fifth, Akko.

Akko is a beautiful style, which is a beautiful girl in society.

It can be said that Akko’s only desirable feature is extreme beauty.

Except for beauty, Akko has no advantages.

She is a girl with indifference, selfishness, no shame.

Wei Xiaobao hates Ak’s stubbornness, and there is no need to kill him again and again.

After all, Wei Xiaobao has saved Ak’s life several times, and the latter should be grateful to him.

And Ake fell in love with the embroidered pillow, Zheng Kexiang, immediately regarded Wei Xiaobao as dust, contempt, and even asked him to death many times, let alone the harm of himself.

Even if Fang Yi in the city is not so ruthless.

Fang Yi will not be harmful for no reason. Only in the case of her life, she will choose to sacrifice Wei Xiaobao.

In comparison, Akko is not able to harm Wei Xiaobao who is not pleasing to the eye, it is a vicious scum girl.

Isn’t this counted?

The key Ake is quite shameless.Many people think that the children in Akki’s belly are Wei Xiaobao, but this is not necessarily the case.

Everyone pays attention that when Akka and Wei Xiaobao have had a relationship with Lichunyuan, the princess has long been pregnant.Interestingly, the princess is much longer than Akka.

To calculate, the children in Akka’s belly could not be Wei Xiaobao at all, but Zheng Keshiang’s.

After Zheng Kexiang found that Akko had sex with Wei Xiaobao, he chose to abandon Akko.With no way, Ake chose to treat Wei Xiaobao, who had been despised as a pick -up man, and cheap dad.After all, Wei Xiaobao was born in a brothel and did not care about women’s chastity.

The key is that Akka had been so bad to Wei Xiaobao before. He had to kill and depend on grass mustard. Now the attitude has changed 180 degrees. Do n’t you feel hypocritical and mean?

Ako didn’t think she was not too shameful.

So why did Wei Xiaobao marry as a poor woman like Akka?

It’s very simple, Akko has a very beautiful skin, she is Chen Yuanyuan’s daughter after all.

Most men are looking for people with their appearance, and they are Akko’s face.

Sixth, Mrs. Hong.

Mrs. Hong is a career type and is a strong woman in the society.

Unlike other women, Mrs. Hong is almost a politician, a poisonous rose, and a woman with a big gangster.

Mrs. Hong in her 20s became a wife by the old Hong Jiaozhu.

At this time, Mrs. Hong judged the situation and believed that she was unable to fight against the first cult in the world, and was unwilling to commit suicide.

So, she chose the most favorable path to herself, reluctantly endured the leader of Hong, and played with him to expand her power.

The master of Hong Jiao is an ugly old man, with extremely fierce heart, not blinking and extremely wise.

Mrs. Hong followed him and was in danger of life at any time.

So, what is Mrs. Hong?It is to maximize interests when you are unable to get rid of this dilemma.

She plays the most loving wife of the Lord Cheng Hong, so as to obtain the power of Shenlong religion.

In fact, the master of Hongjiao and the cultivation of superior internal skills are no longer close to the female.

Mrs. Hong played very successfully, and thus became the associate chief of Shenlong religion. She mastered a lot of power and supported her youth teaching forces.

You know, Shenlong religion is the first cult in the world.

The master of Hongjiao is very old and will die after all. At that time, Mrs. Hong will be the next leader, and the power is probably second only to the emperor.

Unfortunately, the wishes were not wished, and the Shenlong religion was destroyed by the Manchu army.

Lord Hong Jiao was chased by Manqing nationwide like a funeral dog.

At this time, Mrs. Hong has no need to act.She was unwilling to finish the egg with Master Hong, but she couldn’t escape casually.Why?Hongjiao’s master martial arts is excellent, and his heart is vicious.

In this case, Mrs. Hong, the child who did not know whose child, made an amazing decision.Not only did she choose Wei Xiaobao as a pick -up man, but also used the four masters of Shenlong to kill the masters of Hong teaching, and killed it with a knife.

Although the Lord Hong is very bad, he is still very good for Mrs. Hong. There should be true love.

Although the two did not have the fact that the husband and wife were, the master of Hong Jiao loved her in every way, and even gave up the most precious power. To this end, the Shenlong religion almost disintegrated.

The master of Hong Jiao did not expect that Mrs. Hong turned her face without recognizing others, and almost watched him died of the siege.

Mrs. Hong is a strong woman. For her own career, she can sacrifice the man around her without hesitation.

For them, men are just a consumables. There is nothing great and can be replaced at any time.

Seventh, Zeng Rou.

Zeng Rou is an ordinary type and a representative of tens of millions of ordinary girls.

On the surface, Zeng Rou was mediocre. He was less affordable. He was less than that of Akko, martial arts, martial arts, was not as good as Su Quan, ingenuity, Fang Yi, naive and pure, and he was not as good as Jianning.

In fact, most of the girls in the society are Zeng Rou like this, ordinary, there is no characteristic.

Interestingly, of the seven women, they chose Zeng Rou as a wife.Because she is mediocre, you can live in a bland life, and there will be no amazing moves. Even if noisy is noisy.

Although this kind of woman is mediocre, she has a certain ability to survive and work, and can also achieve the most basic job of a wife, and the husband and wife will be very stable.

If it is Sasha, what would I choose?

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