What pregnant women can’t eat seafood?The first is these 4 types.

Spicy crayfish, delicious big crabs, delicious sea fish, delicious squid, these seafood may be drooling as soon as they hear the name.Do you want to eat it? Indeed, this is a very delicious food, and seafood is also the favorite of many people.However, if it is a prospective mother, then you must learn to avoid it, judge which can be eaten, and those who cannot eat.For expectant mothers, what are the ca n’t eat seafood?

1. First, crab.As a kind of seafood, crabs are really delicious.But crabs belong to cold foods, and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is very nutritious.However, if the crab eats too much, it may cause miscarriage, which is very dangerous and must pay attention.Therefore, women should not consume crabs during pregnancy.

2. Second, the contaminated or deformed fish.Everyone should know that the fish that are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals and deformities must contain some harmful substances in these fish. These fish are toxic.Therefore, you must not eat it. Eating may cause mercury poisoning and other health.Moms must pay attention not to eat.

3. Once again, salted fish, smoked fish, and dried fish.This type of fish will contain carcinogenic nitrosamines after sunblasting, and should not be eaten too much.This kind of fish is like an adult that can not eat too much, because this fish has a lot of harm to the human body. If you eat too much, it may cause people to suffer from cancer.Therefore, expectant mothers still eat less.

4. Finally, raw cold seafood.This is not difficult to understand, because the raw seafood is not cooked, there will be bacteria in the body.Seafood must be cooked, do not eat raw seafood.If expectant mothers eat raw seafood, some parasites or germs can easily be absorbed by babies in the stomach.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention, otherwise it will cause the baby’s health to be harmed, and the consequences are irresistible.

1. First of all, seafood must be cooked.As mentioned earlier, there are bacteria in the cold seafood, and expectant mothers have harm the baby.

2. Second, master the cooking time.Time must not be too short or long, time should not be too short, otherwise it is difficult to kill bacteria and parasites, and the time should not be too long, which will destroy protein and the nutritional index declines.

3. Finally, pay attention to the quantity.Do not use too much to cause physical discomfort and affect your baby’s health.

All in all, everyone knows through the introduction above. For prospective mothers, seafood must be distinguished and which can not be eaten and which can be eaten.And pay attention to the method of eating to escort the health of yourself and your baby.

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