What should cats pay attention to?The pet owner must know these six things

Friends who have cats in the family are panicked when they face the first pregnancy of cats. I don’t know what to do. What should cats pay attention to?Today we will say that these six things must know.

The female cat is pregnant between 56 and 71 days, with an average of about 65 days.If you give birth for more than 71 days of pregnancy, it may cause the mother cat to be difficult to give birth.Therefore, you must go to the hospital to find a professional doctor.

After the cat is 3 weeks of pregnancy, the female cat’s nipple will become dark pink or red, and the cat’s abdomen will gradually become larger, and the weight will increase by 1 to 2kg. At this time, the female cat will become particularly careful and have maternal nature.

The owner needs to take care of the cats who are pregnant, not to let it exercise violently, and always observe the cat’s every move.

Female cats will have false pregnancy. It is recommended that the female cat is for 21 to 28 days after breeding. Take a cat to the hospital for abdominal palpation and ultrasonic examination to confirm whether the cat is pregnant.

After more than 46 days, X -ray shadows can be performed to confirm how many babies in the cat’s belly are, and the shoveling officer is good at planning.

Cats do not take vaccines, deworming and bathing during pregnancy, and shoveling officers should not always cause harm to the fetus and female cat because of curiosity to touch the cat’s belly.If it is a multi -cat family, it is recommended to separate the pregnant cat from other cats.

In addition, the shoveling officer should pay special attention to the spirit and emotions of the cat, reducing any environment that will cause the mother and cat to be nervous.

Before the cat is produced, the shit officer should prepare the delivery room. The best and simplest delivery room is a carton.It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box in one week before production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep inside.

Open a mouth 10 to 15 cm from the bottom to facilitate the mother cats and prevent the kitten from falling out. It is best to have a lid in the production box. When needed, you can open the lid to take care of the kitten.

Be careful not to feed too much during the female cat’s pregnancy. Although more protein and calories are required, you should also pay attention to the nutritional balance. Do not supplement nutrition too much.Arrange reasonably.

Only when the mother cat eats well, the baby grows healthier!The shovel officer must pay more attention to the pregnant cat mother ~

Conclusion: How many cats do you get pregnant for your cat?

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