What should I do?Doctor: Most tires can also get pregnant normally, but 3 o’clock

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A while ago, I saw a news on Weibo. A woman couldn’t prepare for a year before she was pregnant. She was careful with the baby, but she had a fetal stopping in 15 weeks. At that time, the lady was verySad, mother -in -law and husband blame her.

The fetal stop is also called fetal stopping or fetal stopping, and some people call it to call the fetus or death. It is actually a kind of abortion. It is mainly due to the slow pregnancy of pregnancy.There is no germ or no fetal heart, or there is no fetal heart after hearing the fetal heart, indicating that the fetus has died, but dare not have a miscarriage itself.Medical is also called Ji relics abortion. This is more troublesome than natural abortion, because it may have to take medicine or even curettage to discharge the fetus.

In fact, is it that all "fetal stop" is the mother’s fault?And there are really a lot of fetal stopping. Why is this happening?In fact, there are many factors that cause fetal stopping.

1. The poor quality of women’s eggs will cause abnormal chromosomes in the embryo itself

The possibility of an elderly couple may be more likely to stop childbirth. Because our reproductive system function has decreased after the old age, the quality of the eggs will decrease after the age, and the chromosomes will be prone to abnormalities.

2. Women who are often polluted by environmental pollution

Previously, there was a sister who worked in the furniture factory in the village of Jingma. The adhesive materials of the furniture had a large amount of formaldehyde. She did not understand these things that were poisonous., Later, I did n’t work at home before I was pregnant.

Nowadays, more fetal stops are also related to the current environmental pollution. Automotive gas, air pollution, etc. will also affect the quality of our eggs, which will also cause tires to stop.

3. There are abnormal immune system for pregnant women

During the process of pregnancy, pregnant women may have abnormal immune systems in a certain period of time. One obvious manifestation is that the pregnant woman will become very weak and often catch a cold. Due to the continuous decline in the immune system capacity, sufficient energy cannot be provided.Give the fetus healthy growth, so this is also one of the reasons for fetal stopping.

Tian Jishun, a master of obstetrics and gynecology, said: More than 75%of those who have encountered fetal stops will be healthy babies next time.

And we want to pay attention to the next three points if we want to be healthy baby and be born smoothly:

1. Pre -pregnancy medical examination

In the early stage of pregnancy, the pregnant mother must do a good job of examination to understand whether her physical fitness meets the requirements of pregnancy. If not yet, it should be treated first before pregnancy.If there is no pre -pregnancy medical examination or regular pregnancy test, fetal suspension is prone to occur.

2. Good lifestyle, stay away from harmful substances

When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they must ensure that the surroundings are in a good state. Do not have environmental pollution or some water pollution. This can easily affect the children in the stomach.Whether it is healthy and harmless, for example, some vegetables and fruits have exceeded standards. Specific mothers are prone to fetal stopping after intake of these foods.

3. Immune system abnormal suspension of pregnancy

In the early stage of pregnancy, if you find that your immune system is abnormal, such as often colds and illness, this situation is that the immune system in the body is abnormal.Essence

Women must have a pre -pregnancy medical examination to ensure whether their bodies can be pregnant and then prepare for pregnancy.During the pregnancy, you must also go to the hospital for a check -up, which can also effectively prevent the phenomenon of fetal stopping.

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