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Facing accidental pregnancy

If you choose to terminate your pregnancy

Please choose a scientific way

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Termination of pregnancy means abortion and stop continuing pregnancy.

Women who are pregnant to pregnancy should be voluntarily terminated for pregnancy as soon as possible at about 2 weeks of menstruation. It is not advisable to wait for a long time; terminating pregnancy surgery is a time limit surgery/drug flow.

Pregnant women who need to terminate pregnancy should try their best to seek consultation within 10 weeks of pregnancy to avoid increasing the risk of surgery and complications due to great increase in pregnancy.Women who have to end pregnancy due to diagnosis of abortion, abortion, and incomplete abortion have to be terminated in time to prevent infection, abnormal bleeding of coagulation function, and tissue adhesion.

Choose a drug abortion when terminating pregnancy:

It refers to taking drugs for termination of pregnancy. It is the best choice for fearing surgery and <7 weeks of women.

The advantage is that there is no internal operation of the equipment to avoid infection and damage to the reproductive tract.

The disadvantage is that the success rate is about 75%. If the drug is lost, it will face risks such as incomplete drug flow and major hemorrhage.

Artificial abortion:

It refers to terminating pregnancy by the surgical method of the negative pressure.Suitable for women with <10 weeks of pregnancy.

The advantage is that the success rate is about 98%, the operation time is short, and less bleeding.

The disadvantage is that patients with surgery will be painful, and uterine cavity operations must be performed, and the risk of reproductive tract injury or infection.

Pie scraping:

If the pregnancy is in L0-14 weeks, the fetus is formed and the uterus grows up, and the pregnancy needs to be terminated by clamp scraping.

The operation of this operation increases more than abortion and bleeding.

Painless abortion:

It is a method commonly used in pregnancy to terminate under the system anesthesia, and it is currently a surgical method that many people tend to.

The advantage is that the patient has no pain throughout the process and has a high success rate.

The disadvantage is that the perforation of the uterus during surgery is not reflected due to anesthesia. At present, the Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be monitored with color Doppler ultrasound guidance to strengthen safety.

Medical process

01 outpatient clinic and appointment

Select online appointment or on -site registration outpatient entrance to measure body temperature;

Normal body temperature and history of epidemiological history enter the clinic after normal screening, one person, one diagnosis to protect the privacy of patients;

The doctor asked the medical history, the gynecological examination of the gynecological examination after menstrual history, and the leucorrhea and ultrasound examination;

Ultrasonic examination confirms that early pregnancy and leucorrhea are performed after normal laboratory inspection: including blood routine, coagulation function, biochemical, infectious diseases and new coronary virus nucleic acids;

Examination: ECG evaluation of the heart condition; chest and chest tablets to prevent pneumonia from dispersing the diagnosis of pneumonia.

After the surgery was performed, the anesthesia clinic was required to be approved by the anesthesia clinic for analogy.Can be performed).Selecting pharmaceutical abortion needs to be hospitalized.

02 Surgery

Preoperative physical temperature testing, verifying the history of epidemics, explaining the process, surgery risks, and signing confirmation;

Check the results of the pre -surgery again, inform the precautions, the medical staff implements the work after abortion, one -on -one preparation guidance, and recommend safe and reliable long -term contraception measures to avoid re -accidents;

Medical staff and recipients participating in the surgery process strictly implement the procedure of epidemic prevention and disinfection;

TCM regulation and other postoperative recovery were reducing the occurrence of complications and accelerated postoperative recovery after surgery during surgery.

03 Postoperative Interview

Regular telephone follow -up after medical staff;

I went to the hospital 2 weeks after the recommendation;

After surgery, vaginal bleeding is more than menstrual flow or severe abdominal pain, fever, etc. at any time;

If the residue in the palace is retracted, the traditional Chinese medicine is conservatively treated according to the situation or cleared the palace surgery as appropriate.

Precautions for postoperative

1 — Diet

After abortion, foods should not be made up. It is necessary to choose easy -to -digest foods rich in various vitamins and trace elements, such as various vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, meat, etc. to ensure protein intake.Should eat lean meat, liver, egg yolk, blood, green vegetables and other iron -rich foods.Try to avoid taking cold foods such as mung beans, lotus seeds, and too much use of rooster, beef, and dog meat.

2 — Rest

After abortion, rest for 2 weeks, moderate and gradually increasing the amount of activity.Do not engage in physical strength and contact with cold labor during this period, so as not to induce other diseases.

3 — Avoid sexual intercourse

The genitals after abortion have a process of repair.Within one month after surgery, pay special attention to hygiene to avoid acute endometritis caused by infection caused by premature sexual intercourse after abortion surgery, and secondary infertility caused by pelvic inflammation.

4 — Do your contraception

No matter what kind of ending method of pregnancy, it will have a certain impact and harm to the body and mind, so you should try to avoid accidental pregnancy.Once the contraceptive failure is found, remedial measures should be taken in time afterwards, such as taking emergency contraceptives.Usually adopt a safe and effective contraceptive method such as oral short -acting contraceptives, upper ring, ligation, etc., and cannot treat abortion surgery as a measure of contraceptive breeding.

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