What should I do if I accidentally take the medicine during pregnancy?You must be clear about these medication guidelines

I am pregnant

But I seem to take a cold medicine

Can I still want this child?

Many pregnant mothers will have such confusion, that is, they are pregnant under the circumstances of "not paying attention"; after knowing it later, it is not sure if this child can still ask.To the baby.Because a small number of drugs do have a certain impact on the development of the fetus. For the health of the baby, in most cases, the pregnancy will be required.

Preparation of gynecology and gynecological medicine for pregnancy and gynecology

In fact, this is unnecessary. Although you have already used medicine, it may affect the growth and development of your baby, but this is only possible, not a certainty.It is recommended that you go to the hospital for various pregnancy examinations. During the examination, tell the doctor what kind of drugs you have taken by mistake.Diagnosis was confirmed under the examination of a doctor.

Preparation of gynecology and gynecological medicine for pregnancy and gynecology

So, what kind of medication guidelines need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Within half a year before pregnancy, both couples should not take morphine, erythromycin, and Lifuping drugs.

2. For female friends, such as sleeping pills, hormone drugs, and some antibiotic drugs also need to be used with caution. For the specific discontinuation of the drug, you need to consult a attending doctor.

3. Don’t think that traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects. In fact, this is a wrong cognition; Chinese medicine composition is mixed, and some Chinese medicine contains blood circulation ingredients, which will make the unstable fertilized eggs cannot be bed, or it is easy to have a miscarriage.

How long does it take to stop the medicine to get pregnant?

For this question, there is no clear answer, as far as contraceptives are concerned, if you take it for a long time; then you need to wait at least 6 months to stop the medicine before you can ask for children.

Finally, it is recommended to prepare autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, hypertension, mental illness, lupus erythematosus, etc. in the process of preparing for pregnant mothers. During the medication process, you must not stop the medicine for pregnancy, which may cause life danger.I must ask the attending doctor.

Preparation of gynecology and gynecological medicine for pregnancy and gynecology

People will get sick, and they will take medicine after they are sick. For pregnant mothers, they must pay attention to medication during pregnancy.The following editors also prepared a professional small video for the preparation during pregnancy for pregnancy and gynecologists to prepare for pregnant mothers.Video Chinese medicine practitioners will tell you in detail how to evaluate its risks during the pregnancy, what does the half -life of the drug after taking the medicine and how long the half -life of different drugs is, and what is the most concerned about taking emergency contraceptives most is that everyone is most concerned about taking emergency contraceptive pills most.Can the child be pregnant after pregnancy?I believe that pregnant mothers will find the answer they want.

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