What should I do if I always have back pain during pregnancy?

I am now 23 weeks of pregnancy. The response in the early pregnancy has disappeared, but I always have back pain.If you walk too much, you can have back pain, you can have back pain for too long. I dragged the floor yesterday, and the waist was very painful.What are these?What should we do?Let me share with you now.

1. Why do you have back pain during pregnancy?

Why is it prone to back pain in pregnant women? This is because the uterus that increases during pregnancy causes the body to change, so that the pelvis of the pregnant woman is leaning forward, and the center of gravity moves forward.Excessive premises, which is quite large for the lumbar spine, so it is easy to cause back pain.In addition, long -term poor posture or before pregnancy, there are intervertebral discs, spinal side bending, degenerative arthritis (commonly known as bone spurs), chronic back pain, etc., will aggravate the symptoms of backache and back pain during pregnancy.

2. How can I relieve low back pain?

1. When the back pain occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, pay special attention to the posture to avoid deterioration.At this time, if pregnant women have the habit of exercising (mild exercise), they should still be maintained.

2. Keep a good posture, including standing, sitting and sleeping.Standing posture: By the end of pregnancy, you should avoid standing for a long time, and you must sit or lie down if you have a little discomfort.

Sit position: When pregnant women sit on the back of the chair, they can be soft on the back of the chair to relieve their back pressure; and their feet can also be placed on a low stool to help blood circulation in the legs.

Sleeping position: When lying down, you can raise your legs to help blood circulation and eliminate sore effect.You can lie on the side when you sleep to reduce the burden on the waist and relieve discomfort.When sleeping, a soft towel under the knee joint can relax the abdominal muscle pressure.

3. Wearing comfortable shoes can reduce the symptoms of back pain.

4. Do not wear high heels, even the wide -bottomed high -heeled shoes with a wide range of support.

5. Do not mention heavy objects or hold children to avoid excessive waist load.

6. Appropriate prenatal exercise, such as swimming, walking, gymnastics, etc., can reduce back pain.

7. Use the belt band to support the abdomen, reduce the pressure of the abdomen, and reduce lower back pain caused by muscle tightening.

8. If the lower back pain caused by the sacroiliac joint, the pelvic belt must be used instead of the belt.In addition, try to avoid walking for a long time.

9. Baked a hot bath or local hot compresses, plus massage, can relax the muscles, improve the cycle, and also effectively relieve lower back pain.

10. Do not accept massive treatment, so as not to cause adverse consequences due to improper force.

3. The prospective father also came to take care of his wife -help the quasi -mother rubbing back

The expectant mothers try to take a sitting position as much as possible, and they can lie on the table (protect the head and chest with the cushion) and try to avoid squeezing to the baby.The prospective dad can perform the following operations in order:

Press your back: Put your palm root or fist noodles on both sides of the spine on the back of the prospective mother. Do a brisk and soft spiny exercise. Pay attention to holding the muscles to apply a certain pressure, do not rub on the skin.After rubbing for dozens of seconds at a fixed point, move your hand down with a wide palm width, and then repeat this operation until he kneads above the hip.

Rubbing Da La: Put it on the Dazhui acupoint with the palm (the depression under the cervical spine and the thoracic spine when the patient bowed his head) Repeatedly rubbing (can be performed alternately by the left and right hands) 20-30 times.

Press back Yu: Put your thumb tip of your hands on the Dali Point (the depression below the most protruding spine between the cervical spine and the thoracic spine) around each side of the side.At a distance of about one centimeter, click again, so that the operation is over the hip.If you encounter the pain and sensitive parts, you can properly press the pressing time. The pain point suggests that the body may have some discomfort, and it can be partially relieved by point -by -point to alleviate these discomfort.

Remind all pregnant moms: During pregnancy, try not to mop as possible, hold children, weightlifting.These will aggravate low back pain.

The prospective father must be very light when massaging, and press it more, which will be very comfortable.

If you have other better suggestions, please leave a message to share!

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