What should I do if I can’t carry it during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are most afraid of getting sick.Because once you are sick, you are okay with a little illness and a little serious, you may need to take medicine, which may affect your baby’s health.Because of this, each pregnant mother is very careful and keeps themselves from cold during pregnancy, does not have a cold, and does not take medicine.

But in recent days, it seems that it seems that it is not a good luck to protect yourself.Because, "Yang" everywhere.In the past few days, several fans sent me a message and said that I was "yang" and asked me what to do.Among these people, the symptoms of Xiaorong (pseudonym) are the most serious.

Xiao Rong said:

"Four days ago, I finally yang. I thought that I would have coughing for two or three days, two or three days of fever, as other people said.I had a fever and had been a high fever. Now, I am still in high fever, headache, chest pain, my body pain, weakness, I feel like I am going to die. I don’t want to take medicine, I am afraid that it will affect the baby.I feel that I can’t carry it again. What should I do? "

Xiao Rong had had a high fever, burned confused, and did not forget to send me a message for help.It seems that she is really uncomfortable and can’t carry it.As far as I know, this virus will indeed bring different symptoms because of different constitutions.I also "Yang passed" a few days ago, and it was burned in the middle, and then it was okay for three or four days. It was almost the same as a cold. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable.

So, what should I do if I am "Yang" like Xiaorong during pregnancy?Can you take medicine?I deliberately consulted a doctor friend. The answer she gave was: If there are no special symptoms or if the symptoms are not very heavy, it is best not to take medicine. Generally, she can automatically "Yang Kang" in about a week.However, after the infection of pregnant mothers, if the symptoms are more obvious and the body response is relatively large. Like Xiao Rong, you can use some medicines in moderation under the guidance of a doctor, such as antipyretics or Chinese medicine.

In addition, pregnant mothers in the second or third trimester have little effect on the appropriate amount of medication.Mainly pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, be careful on the problem of medication.It is best to follow the doctor’s advice and take medicine safely.

Therefore, pregnant mothers, if you are not careful, do not worry.Take more rest, drink plenty of water, eat well, eat less, and ensure nutrition. I believe that you can defeat the virus soon.If you can’t carry it anymore, listen to the doctor’s advice, take some medicine, and fever as soon as possible.

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