What should I do if I do hair loss during pregnancy?In addition to not staying up late, you must pay attention to these aspects

My friend has been pregnant for more than 6 months. In recent days, she was in a bad mood. I only knew that she had been troubled by hair loss during this time.In fact, hair loss during pregnancy is a very normal phenomenon, and everyone should not feel panic.If you really want to improve this situation, there is also a way. What should I do?Next, I will tell you that pregnant mothers who have the same troubles as you have the same troubles, you must look closely.

Pay attention to hair care

After pregnancy, many women have become very "laziness" for various reasons, which are specifically reflected in hygiene.They will often do not take a bath or wash their hair for several days, but if this is wrong, if you do not wash your hair, you will make the scalp "unhealthy" and cause hair loss.Therefore, even during pregnancy, you must talk about hygiene and wash your head frequently, so as to ensure the health of the scalp environment and effectively alleviate the symptoms of hair loss.However, some pregnant mothers have a serious hair loss. It is no longer a solution to washing her hair. For this situation, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can prepare a bottle of haircut. After washing their hair, drip it on the scalp on the scalp.With your hand gently, you can slow down your hair loss and strong hair.

Some pregnant mothers not only have hair loss, but also the problem of hair oil, which really affects their image, and it will make themselves very old.It is recommended that this kind of pregnant mothers prepare a bottle of refreshing conditioner. After use, it can get rid of the problem of hair oil, and it can also help pregnant mothers to improve the problem of hair loss.

Eat more black sesame and other hair care foods

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy can also allow family members to prepare some black sesame seeds, walnuts and other foods that can enhance their physique and promote hair growth.If you eat these foods often, you can improve the situation of the pregnant mother’s hair loss. If there are pregnant mothers who feel that the black sesame tastes bad, you can also make it into a paste, make a black sesame paste, and add a little sugar.Eat a lot.

Keep a good mood

Many people who are not pregnant will also have the troubles of hair loss, most of which are caused by their stress and bad mood.This incident also gives you a warning that if you don’t want to lose your hair during pregnancy, you must keep your mood happy.It is recommended that pregnant mothers can listen to some soothing music, or watch some more interesting movies. If the pregnant mother is happy, it can relieve the symptoms of hair loss, and it is also beneficial to the health of the fetus.

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