What should I do if I do n’t eat the heat stroke?How can I recover appetite when I have a stroke?The method of this article is very effective

Now that we have entered Sanfu, the weather is very hot. Many farmers are asking us how to solve the phenomenon of pig heat stroke.In this article, we will explain what to do if pigs’ notch for the heat stroke.

First of all, the pig should cool the pig in time after heat stroke.

Pigs live in high temperature environment for a long time, then the phenomenon of high temperature and heat stroke will occur. After heat stroke, pigs will have a depressed or excited and fever.We can move the pig to a cool place and spill with cold water to the pig’s body to cool the pigs. At this time, we can drink more cold water. We can also add it to the drinking water of the pig: winter and summer too much, it can relieve it well wellPig’s heat stimulation.We can inject chlorpromatizine, muscle injection or intravenous dripping, and the body temperature of the pigs can return to normal.In this way, we have done the first step of solution after the heat stroke.

Secondly, we solve the phenomenon of not eating in pig heat stroke.

When pigs do not eat heat stroke, we drink water for pigs: winter and summer too guarantee, which can alleviate the pig’s stress and let the pigs eat.If pigs still do n’t eat at this time, then we can shoot for pigs: do not eat too much needle, or pour pigs for pigs: open food too guarantee, so that pigs can restore appetitequestion.

Finally, we must do a good job of preventing the heat stress of pigs.

In summer, we prevent thermal stress and can drink water for pigs: Winter and summer Taibao. This is a better way to prevent summer pigs in summer.In addition, summer heatstroke is also more harmful to sows, and it is likely to cause miscarriage. Therefore, in addition to preventing pig heat stress and heat stroke, we can also mix the sowsGive the sow to give birth, keep the fetus, and prevent sow from abortion.

The above is the treatment measures we need to take when pig heatstroke. If we encounter this situation in the summer, try the method in the article. I hope the content of this article can help our farmers.

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