What should I do if I encounter A Hyachane Jun during pregnancy?

Hypertrophic manifestations are fast heartbeats, both hands are shaking and anxious, which is caused by thyroid lesions.The thyroid gland is located in the neck and secretes the use and storage of thyroid hormone regulating body energy.

Doctors usually say that hyperthyroidism secretes excessive hyperemia hormones.

Patients with hyperthyroidism need to consult a doctor before pregnancy, and the doctor will control your hyperthyroidism before you pregnancy.Usually, the treatment of non -pregnancy hyperthyroidism is as follows:

● Oral anti -noria drug

● Radial iodine oral doses or liquid containing radioactive substances

● Surgical resection part or all thyroid gland

You and your doctor will choose the best treatment plan for various factors

It is best to cure hyperthyroidism before pregnancy, so that there is no need to take medicine during pregnancy.

Patients with hyperthyroidism with radioactive iodine or surgery need to be pregnant at least six months after treatment.Most of the patients with hyperthyroidism cannot secrete enough thyroid hormones so that doctors can have enough time to determine whether your thyroid gland can secrete sufficient thyroid hormone.

Women with insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones are usually difficult to get pregnant, which also affects the early development of the fetus.As a result, women with insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones need to be treated.

During pregnancy, it is found that hyperthyroidism needs to be clear. There are two common reasons:

● A kind of Graves disease is an autoimmune disease.

● One is HCG -related hyperthyroidism HCG refers to human pill -curvant hormone. Early HCG increased in early pregnancy, HCG and nail -promoting the structure of thyroidism (TSH) structure, TSH promotes thyroid composite thyroid hormones.Therefore, too high HCG in the early pregnancy will lead to HCG -related hyperthyroidism.

By drawing blood testing, the above two reasons can be distinguished.

Mild hyperthyroidism usually does not have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.Unexpected severe hyperthyroidism will lead to the following adverse consequences:

● The consequences of mothers, such as heart disease, seizures.

● Pregnancy consequences, such as premature birth and abortion.

Based on the cause of hyperthyroidism and the severe formulation of hyperthyroidism:

● HCG related hyperthyroidism usually does not need to be treated.Its clinical symptoms will be relieved by itself.

● Graves disease (Graves disease) is usually not treated with hyperthyroidism, but it is necessary to regularly monitor the level of thyroid hormone.

● Graves disease (Graves disease) combined with severe hyperthyroidism must be treated.Oral propyoline oxide is usually treated. Due to some anti -thyroid drugs that may cause fetal development defects, doctors will choose different anti -thyroid drugs during different pregnancy.

The level of thyroid hormone is required to be regularly monitored during pregnancy, and doctors need to adjust the dose of the drug according to the level of thyroid hormone levels.

Few pregnant women’s fetus will have hyperthyroidism, so blood tests and fetal thyroid ultrasound examination need to be drawn.Once the fetal hyperthyroidism is diagnosed, anti -thyroid drug intervention will be required.

After delivery, the level of thyroid hormone needs to be immediately checked, and the thyroid dysfunction of patients with hyperthyroidism will return to the pre -pregnancy level.

Most patients with hyperthyroidism can give birth normally.

Most hyperthyroidism mothers can breastfeed.However, after consulting the doctor, choose the best time to use the best antygenal drugs and drugs.

Most of the babies born of hyperthyroidism are healthy, and rare babies suffer from hyperthyroidism, which can check the baby’s paragloma to be clear.

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