What should I do if I find mammary clock during pregnancy?

During pregnancy and lactation, breast enlargement and gland thickening will occur. At this time, breast watches are easily covered, and they are easily ignored, so that they are delayed and treated!In our country, most of the breast mass during pregnancy is discovered by the pregnancy test!Although about 80%of the biopsy during pregnancy, about 80%of the biopsy, it should be a biopsy for suspicious mass!

The pregnancy examination generally performs a breast color Doppler ultrasound. Bi-Rads will appear on each breast color Doppler ultrasound report. It represents the breast image report and data system of the American Radiation Society (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System, BI-RADS).

BI-RADS 1: The possibility of malignant is 0%.

BI-RADS 2: The possibility of malignant is 0%.

BI-RADS 3: The possibility of viciousness of this category is between 0%and 2%.

BI-RADS 4: The possibility of viciousness is between 2%and 95%.Can continue to be divided into 4A, 4B, 4C.① 4A: The possibility of viciousness is between 2%and 10%.② 4B: The possibility of viciousness is between 10%and 50%, ③4c: further doubt is vicious, but it has not yet reached a typical set of 5 categories.The possibility of viciousness is between 50%and 95%.

BI-RADS 5: Highly doubt malignant (almost affirmed malignant), and appropriate measures should be taken clinically.The possibility of viciousness of this type of lesions is more than equal to 95%.

BI-RADS 6: The biopsy has been confirmed to be malignant, and positive treatment measures should be taken.

BI-RADS 1 or 2: Regular review.BI-RADS 3: Generally considers benign lesions, but tumors cannot be completely eliminated.It is recommended to review it after 3 months.BI-RADS 4: I recommend puncture biopsy.BI-RADS 5: Don’t hesitate to surgery the biopsy as soon as possible.SBi-RADS 6: Fully communicate with your doctor and formulate the best treatment plan according to your own situation.

At present, under the proper abdominal isolation protection, the breast molybdenum target is allowed!The radiation dose of breast molybdenum target is far lower than that of research that may increase the radiation dose of fetal congenital deformity and delay!Breast MRI is used for forward -looking studies for pregnancy and lactating female breast diagnosis!There are no security data for applications and pregnancy!

For pregnancy breast masses during pregnancy, rough needle puncture biopsy and Mermeton biopsy are generally recommended.Compared with surgical resection biopsy, their advantages are: 1. Do not leave ugly scars, 2. Breast loss is small, and the risk of milk leakage after surgery is lower!The disadvantage is 1. There is a certain false negative rate.It’s like a target, no matter how clever shooters are, it is impossible to hit ten rings every time.2. The cost of economic costs is slightly higher.

There is no unified expert consensus and guidelines for the benign swelling during pregnancy!I personally hold conservative opinions!Overall, for a lump greater than 3cm, surgical resection can be considered.Avoid increasing compression of breast ducts during pregnancy and lactation, which causes milk accumulation.But surgical resection may lead to the risk of milk leakage after surgery!Essence

In summary: For breast mass during pregnancy, the preferred image evaluation!For benign mass, it is recommended to review 3 months to detect the size of the mammary and whether there are suspicious imaging characteristics!Any suspicious mass should be diagnosed by puncture biopsy!In the first three months of pregnancy, breast surgery is safe and feasible!Anesthesia drugs do not increase the risk of fetal abortion!

(Author: Department of Creation of the People’s Hospital of Jiaozuo City, Henan Province)

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