What should I do if I find the medicine and find that I am pregnant?Do you want it?

I can always hear a lot of sisters in the outpatient clinic. I recently took XXX medicine for the doctor, but later found that I was pregnant. Is this medicine bad for the child? Is there any risk of terators?Can it only be killed …

In fact, this kind of mood doctor also understands that everyone wants their baby to be healthy and clever. Many people do their homework before preparing for pregnancy, but the plan will always be disrupted by various "episodes".For example, the sudden toothache, headache, cold, etc. At this time, I took some drugs, but I was pregnant soon. So, will the child be affected by the drug?Go or stay?You have to know these taboos before pregnancy!

Generally speaking, in the first four weeks of pregnancy, the embryo has not differentiated into various tissues and organs, and has the potential of multiple differentiation.In this period, the embryo is used by the drug. If the embryo has mild damage, it can continue to grow "self -repair". If the embryo is damaged seriously, it cannot continue to grow and develop at this time, which will occur natural abortion.

During the 5th -3 months after conception, the embryo began to differentiate different systems and organs at this time. At this time, if some drugs are taken, it may affect the organ development of the embryo.

One is a direct effect on the development of the fetus, and the drug can directly enter the fetus.

The other is that there is no direct effect on the development of the fetus, but it has an indirect impact on the growth and development of the fetus by affecting the mother’s or placenta.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) divided the safety of medication during pregnancy into level 5:

Drug classification:

Class A drug: It is the safest category. This type of drug has confirmed that there is no adverse effect on the fetus;

Class B drug: The relatively safe category means that it has been studied for humans, but it has not found evidence that causes harm, but animal tests may be harmful to embryonic development or animal tests are harmless, but humans have not sufficiently sufficient.reserch shows.

Class C drugs: danger cannot be determined, there may be risks, carefully pay attention before taking;

Class D drug: It is confirmed that it is harmful to the fetus. If it is used properly, the benefits of pregnant women will be greater when taking it. When such drugs are not necessary, they are rarely used during pregnancy.

Class X drug: There is obvious harm to the fetus, and it is also forbidden to use for pregnant women.

Therefore, if it is already in the stage of pregnancy, before taking drugs, pay attention to the classification of drugs, take reasonable medication, and consult a professional physician before medication.

Careful taking Chinese medicine: Many people think that traditional Chinese medicine is a conditioning medicine, which is harmless to the body. Going to the pharmacy and casually matched Chinese medicines. Traditional Chinese medicine is a compound drug, and the impact on reproductive cells is often not aware of it.

Careful taking aphrodisiac: The so -called aphrodisiac drugs may improve the quality of male sex, but it may affect the ability of sperm.

Careful administration of drugs disabled in pregnant women: Many drugs will notify the words "for pregnant women" in precautions. If you are preparing or planned to give birth, you must pay attention not to take such drugs.

Other drugs: such as weight loss drugs, hormone drugs, antibiotics, sleeping pills … If you have been taking a certain drug for a long time before pregnancy, you must consult a doctor in advance to determine the time for safety conception.

If you have already started a pregnancy preparation plan, you need to pay attention not to take drugs and drink alcohol and smoke, especially the drugs with large and side effects.Many doctors now advocate that both the husband and wife should pay attention to developing a good life, diet, schedule, except for any drugs, except for their good habits of life, diet, and schedule.


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