What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?Can I really only drink water?You can also try these four methods

After pregnancy, we are careful to do whatever we do, for fear that it will affect the baby.But even if you are careful, you are not so smooth during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers will have some minor illnesses during pregnancy, such as a cold.

I often hear: "It is three poisonous medicine, it is best to drink only water during pregnancy." Many pregnant mothers are puzzled, what should I do after a cold?Can I really only drink water?In fact, you can also try these methods.

After a cold, the human body’s immune function cannot play the immune effect normally, and the resistance will decrease.Therefore, pregnant mothers should add more vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Because vitamin C can participate in many chemical reactions in the human body, if the symptoms of colds are slightly mild, supplementing vitamin C can alleviate the discomfort caused by colds, accelerate the body’s metabolism ability, promote the recovery of immune function, and speed up the healing of cold symptoms.

At the same time, more vitamin C can also balance the nutrients of the body and promote absorption. It is a trace element that can also be added.When a cold, the effect of vitamin C is very large, and it must be added.

After getting sick, we all know that sleeping will improve the state of illness.This is because after illness, the physical function of the body will be significantly improved, and sufficient sleep can recover the spirit and promote the recovery of immune function.

In addition, good sleep can relax the body and mind, live birth, and nourish the health. It can not only improve the symptoms of colds, but also reduce the course of the cold, and accelerate the healing.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to rest after a cold.

Many pregnant mothers always close the doors and windows after they have a cold, for fear that the wind blowing into the room will increase the condition. In fact, after a cold, pay attention to ventilation. Proper ventilation will strengthen the air circulation of the room and reconcile the temperature and humidity of the indoor air.

In addition, the circulation environment is not conducive to the growth of bacterial reproduction. Breathing fresh air can also improve respiratory symptoms and accelerate the healing of colds.

However, it should be noted that after all, it is winter. Pay attention to the ventilation time when opening the windows and ventilation. Each ventilation time is about an hour. Pregnant mothers should also avoid blowing the wind to avoid aggravating the condition.

If pregnant mothers do have a heavy cold, they need to use medication to relieve it. It is best to seek the opinions of doctors and do not use the medicine blindly.

Colds are also divided into many types, such as virality, bacterial, chlamydia infection, etc. The symptomatic drugs are not necessarily suitable for all cold types.Moreover, there are many drugs that are not suitable for pregnant mothers.

Blind use of drugs may increase the probability of fetal malformations. It cannot be careless. It is best to seek the opinions of professionals, which is more conducive to protecting your baby.

There is no trivial matter during pregnancy. Don’t feel that if you have a cold, you can take it lightly. After you find that you have a cold, you must drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, and supplement vitamins in time. If you find that the symptoms are heavier, you must see the doctor in time, do not delay yourself and your baby.

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