What should I do if I have eczema during pregnancy?3 small tricks to teach you how to deal with it

I am a pregnant mother. Now I have been pregnant for six months. From two months of pregnancy, I have been spitting up, I just eaten and vomited, and then I vomit and vomit.After all, the symptoms were better. I do n’t know why the two feet have a lot of eczema very itchy, especially at night, it is particularly itchy and unbearable, and there are many small bubbles.People say that pregnant women cannot use the medicine casually. My husband told me not to catch it. The more it said, the more itchy I caught. He didn’t know that this itch really called me to bear it. I really wanted to die.Occasionally, when I went to the market to buy food, I saw my grandma, and I asked her what to do if my feet had a lot of eczema and itchy?She taught me a way to really use it. Now my symptoms are much better.

What is eczema

Eczema is a common skin disease. There are many causes of onset. For pregnant women, changes in secretion and metabolism in the body are the main causes of eczema.Eczema during pregnancy is generally 5 months, and it is relatively early.Eczema generally grows on the face, with back, small feet, feet, and other parts.Once eczema occurs, itching is unbearable and easy to occur. Therefore, expectant mothers should take certain preventive measures before the occurrence of eczema during pregnancy.

Treatment of eczema

1. Cold compress.The easiest way is also the least side effect.Cold compresses, wet wet compresses with a semi -dry wool, can slow down the itching, and the second can gradually ease the skin inflammation of the skin. As long as it feels itching, it can be wet, without limit.

2. It is best to go to the medical store to buy the topical Chinese medicine ointment containing mint brain, nepeta extract, windproof extract, etc., can be applied to the affected area, which has significant effects on chronic and various eczema effects.

3. Daily attention: The diet of life must be regular, and the diet must be light, avoid contact with alcohol, spicy and irritating food.Wash the skin without hot water, use irritating antipruritic drugs.

Foods to prevent eczema

1. Bitter gourd.The bitter gourd contains quinine.It has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying, removing dampness and itching.It can be used to treat heat poison, scabies, mules, eczema and other diseases.

2. Tomato.Tomato is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, tobaccoic acid, vitamin E; it also contains gibic acid, citric acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and zechidine.It has the effects of Shengjin relieving cough, healthy stomach, cooling blood, cooling liver, clearing heat, etc.The fruit acid in tomatoes has a protective effect on vitamin C, so it can effectively supplement vitamin C; tomatoine has a bacteriostatic and anti -inflammatory effect, reducing blood vessel permeability. Therefore, outer tomato juice can treat eczema to stop itching and convergence.

3. Leek.Leek contains carotene, vitamin B:, vitamin C and calcium.Phosphorus, iron, protein, cellulose, etc.Leek also has the effect of detoxifying and dampness, so leek juice can cure eczema.

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