What should I do if I have headaches during pregnancy and lactation?Is there any medicine that can be taken?Does it affect the child?

Headache is one of the common outpatient complaints of women during pregnancy. Female patients are often asked, what should I do if I have headaches during pregnancy/breastfeeding?Can I not take painkillers?Is there any medicine that can be taken?Does it affect the child?

The prevalence of migraine in my country is 9.3%. There are one migraine in almost 10 people. Women’s migraine is 3 times more than men, and women between 18 and 44 are particularly prone to occur.

This is because the estrogen in women is one of the main causes of triggering headaches, which can also explain why migraine is more common in women.

When women’s estrogen levels fluctuate, migraine can cause migraine.Most migraine headaches will actually reduce or even occur during pregnancy, especially the last 3 months of pregnancy.This is because women’s estrogen levels are relatively stable during pregnancy.After childbirth, the level of estrogen drops rapidly, and migraine pain will easily recur or even worsen.

Although 50%to 80%of patients have the frequency of migraine dysfunction during pregnancy, there are still seizures, and some patients are even more severe.During the pregnancy/breastfeeding period, most drugs are restricted, and patients do not dare to take medicine at will. They can only endure it. In addition, they are very uncomfortable with other physical discomfort during pregnancy.

In fact, there are also medicines that can be used during pregnancy/breastfeeding migraine. You can choose to treat acetaminol. This is an anal suppositories, that is, the anal medicine, external use, without orally.Clinical verification will not harm children, and women during pregnancy/breastfeeding can be used with confidence.

For example, try to rest in a room with darker light and sleep for a while to help relieve headaches;

The most powerful part of cold compresses, about 20 to 30 minutes cold, can help shrink blood vessels and relieve headaches;

Or make hot headache parts to help relax the muscles of the headache, but don’t apply hot compresses for too long;

You can also do some relaxation of muscle and mood, which also helps to relieve headaches.

At the same time, we must also adhere to healthy living habits, ensure sleeping, healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and do not tired.

In short, women with migraine do not have to worry too much. There are drugs to relieve headaches during pregnancy/lactation.


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