What should I do if I have not started at 39 weeks of pregnancy?The doctor’s statement is very willing, the pregnant mother should not scare himself

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After 37 weeks of pregnancy, she was anxious. There were also several friends who were pregnant one after another, especially when they learned who had a baby in 37 weeks, and who’s baby was born early than the expected date of due date.Looking at herself again, she is now more than 39 weeks, but there is no sign of the baby to launch. To this end, my cousin is worried almost every day.

Two days ago, my cousin also asked her family to accompany the hospital for consultation. The doctor’s reply was that the cousin’s various inspections were normal. As long as there was no abnormalities, she was at home with peace of mind, letting go naturally, and patiently waiting for the baby to come.Even if the doctor was so comfortable, the cousin was still unreasonable.

In fact, for pregnant mothers, the baby’s 39 -week baby has no signs of launching. This situation is also very common.Doctors also said that most babies will not obediently wait until the due date is born, but will be pushed a few days in advance or push for a few days in advance. This is normal.What pregnant mothers need to do is to prepare everything and wait for the baby to come with peace of mind. There is no need to scare themselves, and make the family and themselves very nervous all day.

Of course, we also understand that for pregnant mothers, the process of conceiving in October is very hard, especially when the due date is approaching, for pregnant mothers, waiting for a day or even a few hours is a kind of torment, not to mention the late pregnancy periodThe chances of various emergencies in the fetus are also higher, so pregnant mothers will inevitably feel that the more difficult it is.

Lordially, we also understand the mood of pregnant mothers, but it is not anxious about childbirth. There is no sign of the fetus at 39 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, in addition to being anxious, there are more important things that need to be done.Own.

Learn the knowledge of childbirth, regulate emotions, prepare to wait for products, do various prenatal inspections in time, etc.

The doctor pointed out that for pregnant mothers, we must have such a understanding. As long as the fetus is normal in their belly, and there are no various unexpected accidents, it is the best for them to stay in the mother’s belly.The older generation often said that the fetus staying in the mother’s belly is equivalent to staying outside for a week after birth.It can be seen that when the baby is in the mother’s belly, the conditions in all aspects are more conducive to their development.

Guide is familiar, the pregnant mother relaxes, prepares at all times, and wait patiently.Those who have experienced people will even comfort you to cherish the time when the baby is not born, at least at this time you can sleep with peace of mind.Some netizens pointed out that after the birth of the baby, at least a few years, it is impossible for Baoma to sleep peacefully.These claims are also very realistic. After all, after the baby is born, too many things need mothers to work.

Near the due date, especially after 39 weeks, for pregnant mothers, especially those pregnant mothers who have no production experience, must learn to adjust their own status and relax. Do not give yourself too much pressure, let alone too anxious.So as to choose a caesarean section.It is also recommended that pregnant mothers here, as long as various conditions are allowed, the production method is best to choose to produce.


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