What should I do if my husband has physiological needs during pregnancy?These 3 points of pregnant mothers should see

Our country is a conservative country. Whether it is children or adults, most people choose to avoid during facing sex education.So most people lack the knowledge of sex education. Is this really good?According to statistics, every year, female children suffer from "sexual harassment". Because "sexual life" is not harmonious, there are also many divorced couples.It can be seen that it is necessary to have a certain understanding of sex education.

Zhao Mei and Li Liang were a young couple who had just got married. The two had deep feelings. The relationship after marriage rises again, which can be regarded as paint.Within a few months, Zhao Mei was pregnant. The two were very happy, but the doctor told the two that Zhao Mei’s physical fitness was relatively poor and it was prone to miscarriage. Therefore, it is not recommended that the two "same rooms" during pregnancy.

Zhao Meijin complied with doctors’ teachings. Whether it was early or in the middle of pregnancy, Li Liang was resolutely not let Li Liang touch himself.Because of this, the relationship between the two also became cold. Soon after Zhao Mei gave birth to her child, she found that her husband was a bit abnormal. Finally, she decided that her husband was out of orbit, and she was still on my pregnancy.

Zhao Mei quarreled with her husband. Who knew that Li Liang actually said, "My bloody age, how can you let me bear it!" After listening to the husband’s explanation, Zhao Mei only felt disheartened. She could not accept this betrayal.Finally, he proposed a divorce with her husband.

The story reads here. I believe that many people are scolding Li Liang’s ruthlessness and ignorance in their hearts. They support his unfaithful behavior of marriage and support Zhao Mei divorce.

However, in real life, there are many men who derailed because they can’t bear the loneliness during pregnancy, but there are few women who can carry the rumors of the outside world and have the pressure of winning a single mother, but there are few women who insist on divorce.There are still many people who use "how can there be a cat in the world", "Perhaps he is just confused for a while, and it will be good in the future." Wascable reasons to comfort himself. Finally, for the child, he will live a lifetime with him.

"Sexual life" is the lubricant of the relationship between husband and wife, but pregnancy is a special period during pregnancy. So should it be "the same room"?I believe many people have different views on this.Worried about the health problems of the fetus, but also worried that his husband would do what he did against marriage because of physiological needs.

I believe that many pregnant mothers have this trouble. In fact, knowing these three points, these problems can actually be avoided!

The first three months of pregnancy is still unstable because of the embryo bed, so you need to pay special attention in the first three months. If you don’t pay attention, it is easy to have a miscarriage.For the safety of the fetus, it is not recommended to have a "sex life" three months before pregnancy.

In the second trimester, the embryo bed is already very stable. In addition to pregnant women with poor physical fitness, most pregnant women can perform "same rooms" as long as they pay attention to some positions to meet her husband’s physiological needs.

The second trimester is a critical period, because the fetus has grown a lot in the mother’s belly, so if there is a "sex life" at this time, it is easy to compress the fetus in the abdomen.The phenomenon of premature and miscarriage.

In order to think about the body and fetuses of pregnant women, although "sexual life" during pregnancy is not supported, but ten months of pregnancy, if there is no "sex life" at all, it will also greatly affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Therefore, in the appropriate period, it is also possible to be close to the other half, but you still need to obey the doctor’s advice to avoid accidents.

During pregnancy, it was a time to test the person. It not only tested the courage and perseverance of a pregnant mother, but also tested the quality of a man."Sexual life" during pregnancy, or headaches in life, all need communication and communication between husband and wife.

Pregnancy is a matter of two people, and they need to be more considerate. In the end, I hope that every couple understands the most gentle sentences to accompany each other’s difficult moments.

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