What should I do if my husband is derailed during pregnancy and the child is about to be born?

Text / Jin Xiaozha

There is a sentence to warm you, it’s also my honor

My heart seemed to have a thorn, so happy, sad, boring, and sleeping with dreams. This is the voice of a student recently.When her child was born a month, he discovered the traces of her husband and lover derailed.

She cried and complained about her story, which made people feel very worried:

I have been pregnant for more than 8 months. I had a very good relationship with my husband, but I did not expect that I found the content of him chatting with a woman in one night, which was almost unsightly.

At that time, I was very shocked and felt that my heart was blocked. I wanted to divorce, but it was really difficult for me to divorce.After all, the child is about to be born. What should I do if I divorce the child now? What should I do?

He asked me to forgive him, I hesitated for a few days and forgive him.But I don’t know if I do this correctly.

We also want to go back to the original, but there will always be those disgusting pictures that are lingering in our heads.

I have a strong sense of insecurity in my heart. Now I am still pregnant and can be said to be a weak.I feel that there is no way. I can’t resist the blows brought by reality. I can only tolerate. In order to be a child who is about to be born, I have to endure for myself.

Now he has nothing to continue to connect with the other party, but I still don’t feel it in my heart, even if he is so good to me, I am still full of doubt.Now I cry every day and wash my face with tears.

I feel that I am too unfair for myself and my children. I am also a woman who filial piety to my parents, family love, and loves husband. Why is it so punished?(Netizens ask questions publicly)

Teacher Lu answered:

It is understood that your current encounter makes you painful.The current problems are indeed very complicated.Although the child is still in the stomach, what happened between your husband and wife has indeed affected the child.

For this child who is still in your stomach, you can’t find a place to talk to your husband alone, because children can easily feel your emotions.You and your child are integrated, no matter what you happened, there is no way to hide him.

Whether a person is painful or happy, there will be corresponding reactions and performance in the body.

You need to face too much. In addition to facing production, you must also worry about a negative impact on your children. At the same time, there are endless suspicion of your husband in your heart. You can see the trauma caused by the chat records, as well as the emotional disillusionment.Despair and helpless, pain and anger, panic and anxiety …

All this strikes you like a storm, and your response is normal.

Seriously, you chose to ask for help, and you have explained that you have enough power. You are trying to find a solution to the problem. Many people are immersed in pain and cannot extricate themselves.

What you need to do now is to find someone who can rely on you, your good girlfriends or relatives and friends.You can cry in this person, talk about your inner suffering, and remember to keep in touch with this person’s eyes to make you do not need to immerse in pain and effectively vent your pain.This is to make your love hurt a little, thereby reducing the impact on your child.

In addition, you also need to have an effective dialogue with your husband, communicate in depth, sort out the gains and losses in your marriage, and find out the problems in your emotions.

For the problem between you, you must face up to your own trauma, and also find out the meaning of this problem to yourself.

There is a reason for everything. If you don’t find this problem, we cannot accept this reality.

Indeed, this conversation will be more difficult. After all, I have to face a lot of emotions. I suggest that there are psychological counselors to help.

You have to make an internal dialogue with your child.In this case, if you imagine that your child is in front of you, although you are one, you are not integrated.Children will have their own induction. If you can have more conversations with your child, he can understand what happened and feel the love from you and your husband.

It is necessary to emphasize with everyone that the problem itself cannot be a problem, and only the problem to solve the problem can form problems.

The current time is really not good, but from this time, you have to give your children an important lesson in life.In the face of the most difficult time in life, how parents came out of pain and fragility, and faced with each other’s problems with each other.

Don’t think that children will not understand, in fact, children are more sensitive than us.As long as you can give your child this lesson with your heart, you can benefit your child for life.

From this perspective, your children are lucky (not comfort). Missing is not only desperate, it will also inspire people’s potential and strength. Imagine that you are a mother wolf.Exposing sharp teeth and protect your nest.


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