What should I do if my pregnant woman is sunny?Will it affect the fetus?Make a one -time explicit of delivery, medication, and breastfeeding

Hello everyone, I am a poached egg mother.

After the epidemic prevention policy was released, the new crown was fierce, and many of the patients at home were shaking.

Especially the elderly, children, and maternal mothers belong to the disadvantaged group that cannot be tossed. Pay attention to protection and medication.Fever cough is often not terrible. The terrible is complications from this.

A few days ago, a Mr. Lu in Henan asked for help saying that his wife was pregnant and had been "Yang" for the fifth day. He was still coughing, and the couple were worried that they would move their tires.

They contacted the obstetrician online. The doctor said that although the probability of spreading the new crown in the new crown during pregnancy was extremely low, if the mother suffered from severe, critical illnesses, and basic complications, the risk of premature birth and cesarean section could indeed increase.

Therefore, families with pregnant women must pay attention to the physical condition of expectant mothers in time and take a targeted administration.

Today, we specifically sorted out the five most commonly asked questions. On the basis of collecting authoritative information, we consulted professional obstetrics and gynecologists and gave more comprehensive and scientific answers. You can collect and forward it.

Infection during pregnancy, new crown,

Will it affect the fetus?

First of all, many people are worried that the baby born with a positive mother is also positive. This statement is unscientific.

At present, there is no evidence that the new coronary pneumonia can pass through the placenta infection. The newborn may be positive, but the probability is very low, and it is more infected in environmental contact.

The study of the international authoritative medical magazine "Liu Ye Dao" has also confirmed that women who infected with the new crown virus in the later stages of pregnancy will not be infected in the palace fetus caused by vertical spread.

Secondly, the incidence of abortion and congenital malformations has not increased due to the popularity of the new crown.

As the article said, the risk of premature birth and cesarean section increases, which is based on the maternal itself that is critical or complicated, and the limited obstetric services caused by epidemics have also increased risks to a certain extent.

In addition, in the case of physical conditions, it is feasible to give birth or painlessness. Infection is not the decisive factor.

Finally, the mother who confirms the new crown can be feeded by the baby. There is no evidence that the virus will be transmitted to the baby through milk.

At the same time, the doctor also suggested that it should take proper infection control before breastfeeding.

For example, we must wear a mask, make cleaning (including both hands, breastfeeding utensils, etc.), and only let the baby and the mother contact intimate contact when you need to "fed them".

For women during pregnancy,

How should I improve their symptoms at home?

If the pregnant mother is "yang", but the symptoms are mild, and there is no obvious discomfort, there may not be medication for treatment.

If only fever and cough and have no breathing, most of the homes can be two weeks.

For pregnant women with slightly severe symptoms, some relatively safe drugs can be used to relieve symptoms. The purpose is to make pregnant mothers feel more comfortable and not affect a good sleep and normal life.

For example, for fever, it is recommended to take acetaminophen priority to take antipyretic and analgesic.It is best not to use ibuprofen to avoid affecting the health of the fetus.

Here are some common drugs for different symptoms of the new crown. You can refer to it.

If the mother feels uncomfortable,

Is it enough to take a medicine?

Yes, it is best to take only one medicine at a time.

Doctors suggest that maternal best uses a clear and single drug to see the ingredients before taking the medicine, because most of the cold medicines will combine several components that cope with different symptoms.

At this time, if you take a variety of cold medicines at the same time, it may cause the ingredients of different functions to be superimposed, which may not only damage the mother’s liver and kidney function, but also cause adverse effects on the fetus in the abdomen.

Under what circumstances,

Need to go to the hospital for treatment?

If headaches, dizziness, panic, breathing difficulties, continuous fever, or some obstetrics occur during home monitoring, or symptoms of obstetrics, such as abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement, vaginal bleeding;

Or, after the new crown is dealt with, the body feels that the body does not improve but worsen, and you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

In addition, the elderly pregnant women, or those with special circumstances such as hypertension, scar uterus, multi -fetal pregnancy, etc., should pay close attention to physical conditions, and go to the hospital for examination in time.

In short, any situation that you are not sure and worried. Under the premise that there is no large number of positive agglomerations in the outside world, it is recommended to go to the hospital for professional help.

The family is infected,

What should we pay attention to when pregnant women live?

First of all, clean and ventilated, one person lives one, it is best to bring an independent bathroom;

Secondly, eat meals alone, clean and disinfect the tableware, reduce unnecessary contact with the family, and wear a mask when contacting;

Finally, if the pregnant woman is infected itself, after the vomiting of pregnancy, the corresponding items such as the trash can should be disinfected.

Pay attention to observing your body feelings and reactions every day, establish contact with doctors, and track changes in the condition and fetus.

In short, don’t be too anxious. As mentioned above, psychological attention and relaxation of mentality will definitely be safely spent all difficulties.

I hope that all expectant mothers can produce smoothly and harvest a healthy and powerful baby. The children born under the epidemic must be the strongest baby!

Finally, everyone has any questions, and welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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