What should I do if my wife is pregnant?What do people say?

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Human beings have various needs since their birth, and physiological needs have been one of the more important needs.It’s just that many people will be ashamed to talk about their own physiological needs. In fact, the needs of men and women are equal. There is nothing to say.In marriage, whether the intercourse is harmonious is more related to the relationship between husband and wife.Especially when the wife is pregnant, the husband’s "physiological needs" often cannot be satisfied. What should I do at this time?Listening to what people say.

When the husband’s "physiological needs" cannot be met, there is a great chance that the husband will derail.Once the husband is derailed, it will inevitably affect the relationship between husband and wife, and even more leading the husband and wife to end with divorce.Many times people stand on the wife of their wives accusing their husbands. In fact, "physiological needs" often is the culprit.But the real difference between people and beasts is that people can control their behavior, and beasts only act on their own nature.

Therefore, husbands should maintain a sense of responsibility to restrain their behavior and prevent marriage from ending in tragedy.There are many Baoma who have experienced these processes. They will prevent them in advance during pregnancy, so that their husbands will not be so uncomfortable.

1. Frequent exercise to divert attention

When the wife cannot help her husband solve the "physiological needs" during pregnancy, the husband can often exercise to divert his attention.Some experts believe that they often do some exercises similar to playing basketball, football, and long -distance running can effectively achieve the purpose of alleviating sexual desire, and they can consume excess energy in the body.In fact, wives can let her husband exercise more during his wife’s pregnancy. This will not only solve the "physiological needs" of the husband in a bright and bright manner, but also make the husband’s body more healthy and stronger.

2. Choose the appropriate period of intercourse

In fact, the wife can also help her husband solve "physiological needs" during pregnancy, but choose to do business in appropriate periods.In the first three months of pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy, and the second three months before the childbirth, the wife cannot live with her husband.Only the wife in the second trimester can do a house with her husband, but in the process, the two sides should pay attention to the posture of the same room and the health problems of the private parts, and the time should not be too long.

Especially when the wife’s body is unwell, the husband should stop immediately.In fact, the wife also has "physiological needs" in the second trimester. At this time, it is also good for the baby to do intercourse.Therefore, husbands can choose to love in the second trimester and wife, so that they can solve the "physiological needs" of both parties, which can be described as one stone.

3. Take certain adult utensils

Sometimes if the husband does not have time to exercise because of the nature of work, he can take a certain adult utensil.It is worth noting that the husband must disinfection and clean up these equipment.In particular, the husband’s own privacy parts should keep daily cleaning so as not to be infected by bacteria.If you accidentally infected with pregnant women, this will have a certain impact on the fetus.

The husband and wife are frank, so when the husband has "physiological needs", he can bravely help with his wife.Remind everyone here that as long as people are, they must have "physiological needs", and they must not hold their own ways to alleviate their physiological needs through normal channels.

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