What should I do if postpartum hemorrhoids are serious?

As the saying goes, "Ten people, nine hemorrhoids", "ten women and ten hemorrhoids".Most of the expectant mothers who are pregnant have hemorrhoids, and a small ball highlights outside the anus. It is okay not to hurt.However, the outbreak of postpartum hemorrhoids collapsed!

It’s a history of blood and tears!The anus is always swollen, and the stand is not, nor is it, nor is it lying!If the fruits are not eaten less, it is still not possible to try all kinds of methods!This is how to do?Intersection

In fact, postpartum hemorrhoids really cannot be completely avoided.

During pregnancy and during childbirth, the veins of the anal canal in the rectum will cause the veins to form a hemorrhoids.However, in October, there are still a few small methods that can help you relieve the bitterness of hemorrhoids ~

First of all, postpartum hemorrhoids are serious. In addition to the above factors, less activities, too fine eating, and too oil are also important reasons.

Therefore, the postpartum alleviate hemorrhoids must be first: appropriate activity+less greasy and fine food!

There is a tradition of confinement in my country. Although it needs to rest after giving birth, it is not right to lie down all the time.In fact, if there is no discomfort, you can start slowly at home and do some simple exercise at home after 3 days.

As long as you are not reluctant, not tired, uncomfortable, and not cold, the proper exercise profit as soon as possible after giving birth is greater than the disadvantages.After more activities, the intestinal peristalsis, the stool is easy to discharge, and it can also relieve hemorrhoids.Usually, the time to go to the toilet should not be too long, and you need to do more anal movement.

Eat less meat or greasy broth in one week after giving birth, drink plenty of water, and eat more coarse grains and vegetables.One cup of honey lemonade+half -root banana, half an apple every morning every morning, the effect is good ~

In addition, clean the anus with warm water every day, and then use potassium permanganate solution (light pink) to take a warm water for 10 minutes. It is also a good way.Not only can it converge the swollen blood vessels, but also anti -inflammatory and pain.

In fact, Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream can also be tried.The pharmaceutical instructions say "Be careful during pregnancy, breastfeeding women should be used under the guidance of doctors" because it contains a small amount of musk.And musk may have a serious impact on a large number of internal orientation for a long time.For short -term (3 days) after childbirth, a small amount of external use is still very safe.

When using hemorrhoid cream: external hemorrhoids and anal fissures should be applied outside the anus. When you absorb it for a while, wear pants; if the anus is very painful and there are lumps, the medicine embolism is poured into the anal canal., Otherwise it hurts ~

If there is vaginal bleeding and inconvenient to take a bath, you can also use clean gauze or cotton balls, cotton swab sticky water for a while, or apply a cold pad with hemorrhoids, the effect is also dripping ~

If the stool is very dry, use Kaisalu.When you use it, you should be squeezed deeper, as much as possible, but you can’t use it.

If the hemorrhoid bleeding is more or above, it is still very painful, so go to anorectal!If necessary, hemorrhoid surgery can be performed as soon as possible.

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