What should I do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids?Is it selected surgery or conservative treatment!

The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%, which can cause premature or death of fetus

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids. The incidence of hemorrhoids is as high as 76%. Hemorrhoids often repeatedly bleed and accumulate over time, resulting in symptoms such as anemia, which not only affects the health of the pregnant woman itself, but also affects the normal development of the fetus.Premature or death.

Because after pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the pressure in the abdominal cavity continues to increase.By the end of pregnancy, the uterine that expanded in the late pregnancy compressed the blood vessels in the abdomen, affecting the flow of veins, causing the hemorrhoidal vein cluster, and the effect of hormones, which will produce hemorrhoids or aggravate the original hemorrhoids.This is the same as that of swollen legs during pregnancy.In addition, pregnant women have less activity, slow gastrointestinal motility, long stool staying in the intestinal cavity for a long time, and the water in the feces is over -absorbed, causing large and easy to dry.The original hemorrhoids were removed, causing the incarceration and necrosis, and the symptoms worsened.

The cause of such a high incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women

Different physiological structures, women have two special periods of menstruation and pregnancy. During this period, women’s anal burdens often increase. Therefore, some women often have difficulty defecation and extension of interval during menstrual or pregnancy.Second-rate.What is more serious is that the late pregnancy of women, the fetus increases compression of the rectum. In addition to the difficulty of defecation, the venous blood return of the rectum and anus is obstacle. This will not only cause hemorrhoids, but also further worsen the original hemorrhoids.

The puzzle period after pregnancy is also a period of higher hemorrhoids.The treatment of anorectal diseases shows that the incidence of hemorrhoids after childbirth is very high.After childbirth, the abdominal cavity is empty, and it is easy to become slow, coupled with relaxation of the abdominal wall, reduced activity, the symptoms of weakness and difficulty in defecation, and often have no symptoms of defecation for several days.If the feces stay in the intestine for too long, it will be highly hardened, damaging the anus rectum during strong defecation, causing hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women or mothers get hemorrhoids, and surgical treatment is still controversial

Pregnant women or maternal hemorrhoids use surgical treatment or conservative treatment, and there have been controversy.Surgery will bring pain, mental tension and diet control, and will also affect the secretion of breast milk.The use of antibiotics after surgery will also affect the fetus or newborn.

During pregnancy L ~ 3 months, it is a period of miscarriage.Pregnant women with the original hemorrhoids should avoid using various conservative or surgical methods that are stimulated by uterus.After 7-9 months of late pregnancy women suffer from hemorrhoids, surgical treatment is generally not used.Only during the 4-6 months of pregnancy, patients with severe hemorrhoids, patients with anemia, prolapse and pain, can be treated with hardening injection, tie tie or surgical resection.However, it should be performed under the joint supervision of surgery and obstetricians.

How to care for pregnant women with hemorrhoids

After pregnant women have hemorrhoids, they should exercise appropriately. Eat more foods such as fruits, vegetables, honey, etc., to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis to maintain smooth stools and prevent constipation.After stinging, apply warm water bath to promote blood circulation around the anus.If there is constipation, you can take more mild laxative drugs such as intestinal slices.Those with blood in the stool can take Anluo blood, vitamin K, vitamin C, etc.When the symptoms of swelling and pain occur, wash, take baths with Chinese medicine, and use Ma Yinglong Musan hemorrhoid cream.

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