What should I do if pregnant women have hemorrhoids?Listen to the experience of people, so that you can suffer less

Most of the hemorrhoids will have it, and pregnant women are no exception.The symptoms of hemorrhoids are generally bleeding when going to the large toilet, pain and constipation.However, pregnant women are special crowds. One body has two lives. It is a crowd that needs to pay attention to and be careful.Therefore, pregnant women have hemorrhoids and do not know how to do it, especially when constipation is particularly worried and afraid, dare not go to the toilet, but it is particularly uncomfortable.EssenceLet’s share it for pregnant women with hemorrhoids today:

First of all, the degree of hemorrhoids of each person is different. If it is the hemorrhoids that have just been discovered, you can not go to the hospital for examination and operation.Because hemorrhoids have no seizures, such diseases such as hemorrhoids are easy to recur.When the attack is just on the occurrence, you can go to the pharmacy first to buy a hemorrhoid paste and a box of potassium permanganate (the use of potassium manganate should be strictly obedient to the doctor’s suggestion), take a bath two to three times a day, and then apply hemorrhoid cream.

This method has no taboos for pregnant women, and it will not hurt the baby in the stomach.If you can take a bath with Chinese herbal medicine, boil Chinese herbal medicine, first smoke the affected area and take a bath for 10 to 15 minutes, and you can twice a day.Chinese herbal medicine can achieve the effects of anti -inflammatory, heat clearing, and detoxification. The most important thing is that it does not hurt the fetus.Every time you go to the toilet, you need to clean your buttocks to maintain local hygiene to prevent the infection from worsening.

In severe cases, you must go to the hospital for examination. When the bleeding is severe and the pain is unbearable, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time. Doctors will give the most suitable treatment for patients. Don’t worry too much.

In addition to the treatment of hemorrhoids, pay attention to life, but also supplement the treatment from diet and exercise.During pregnancy, I don’t like to move, and my family likes to give pregnant women with supplements.This method is most likely to cause hemorrhoids. After obtaining hemorrhoids, pregnant women should move around appropriately, but they should not exercise significantly, otherwise the friction of the affected area is likely to cause inflammation.

In diet, pregnant women should eat more fruits and vegetables for detoxification, such as cabbage, green vegetables, apples, bananas, etc.Try not to eat food for the fire, and you must not drink and smoke.Eat some of the supplies properly, and should not be taken too much. This will cause constipation and it is easy to be too large in the fetus, which is very unfavorable to production.It is best to reach 1,000 to 2000 ml of moisture every day, which will increase intestinal moisture, avoid constipation, and alleviate hemorrhoids.And keep your mood comfortable and happy, don’t worry too much about disease.

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