What should I do if pregnant women have systemic eczema?Do this "two points" can effectively protect

The woman’s own immunity during pregnancy is weaker than when she is not pregnant, and women during pregnancy are very sensitive to the stimulus brought by the outside world, so pregnant women are one of the people who are prone to eczema. Pregnant women are prone to eczema. Pregnant womenIt is easy to have systemic eczema.Pregnant women originally had the unstable level of hormones during pregnancy, and there would be a phenomenon of poor sleep and loss of appetite.If eczema appears, it will be very itchy. I want to scratch it with my hands to achieve the effect of relieving itching. Because of pregnancy, some drugs cannot be used, which will seriously affect the daily life and mood of pregnant women.More serious may affect the fetus. So, what should I do if I have full -body eczema during pregnancy?

Eczema is a skin disease caused by allergic reactions. After pregnant women have systemic eczema, they must find the source of allergies as soon as possible to confirm that one of them may cause allergies.Fast and better.

After suffering from eczema, you must pay attention to your diet. Do not eat too much greasy, spicy stimulation and other foods. The intestinal wall of the pregnant woman itself will be weak. Some foods that may cause allergies will directly invade the intestinal wall, which can easily induce systemicityeczema.

After suffering from eczema, you must change his clothes frequently. You should wear a loose cotton material. Do not use overheated water or too cold water when cleaning your body.As a result, the affected area may occur, and the phenomenon of redness and even erosion may occur.Do not scratch the affected area with your hands, you may aggravate the condition. It is itchy, just pat it gently with your hands to slow down the itching situation.

1. Develop good living habits: To maintain the refreshing and clean body in daily life, the usual daily necessities should also be cleaned frequently.Use soap, use some small irritating cleaning items, wear clothes too tightly, do not wear clothes with poor breathability, do not let you stay in a humid environment for a long time, take the sun properly,Be sure to do sunscreen!

Second, control your diet reasonably: Do not want to be too wanton during pregnancy, do not eat and drink, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, meat egg foods can be appropriately supplemented according to their own conditions.Most people are worse, so you must pay attention to diet. There is a healthy and reasonable eating habits that can improve your immunity and balance nutrition absorption.

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