What should I do if pregnant women’s dental disease occur?Details expert explains how mothers guarantee "mouth blessings"

Can you make pregnant women enjoy a blessing for pregnant women?I will encounter some pregnant women who are not blessed in the dentalist clinic. Their help are similar: since pregnancy, the gums in their mouths have gradually swollen, and they have suddenly increased significantly recently, which has seriously affected the normal eating of three meals a day.

Obviously, it is a critical period that needs to provide adequate nutrition for babies in the abdomen, but because of gum problems, there is no way to chew normally, a little hard food, bite gum, the swollen gums will bleed more than …Very anxious.This common disease that affects the blessing of pregnant women is actually gingival tumors during pregnancy.

Of course, common oral diseases during pregnancy are not only gingival tumors during pregnancy.Gingivitis and chronic periodontitis during pregnancy are also very high.Dental periodic diseases that occur during various pregnancy periods are mild and severe due to different degrees of severity.In the case of not seriously affected meals, many pregnant women will choose to ignore, delay, or search for relevant information on the Internet, and online purchase of oral cleaning products for self -diagnosis and treatment. These operations usually cannot solve the problem.

Mother’s oral health is also related to baby health

During pregnancy, expectant mothers have a lot of troubles for the problems in the mouth.

The most common gingivitis can lead to redness, pain, and bleeding of the gingival of gingival; some wisdom teeth are not good, which may repeat crown inflammation, which causes local swelling and pain. When inflammation is severeOpen your mouth; the early symptoms of gingival tumors during pregnancy look like gingivitis, but over time, the condition of gum bleeding is frequent, and the volume of the gingival tumor gradually increases.Careful, you can only eat the semi -liquid quality.

In addition, if you have chronic periodontitis before pregnancy, and have not been treated in a timely manner, periodontitis with intensive pregnancy will not only cause abnormal mouth smells of pregnant women, but will also be chewing, loosening, and falling off to teeth.Those will affect the healthy development of the fetus, and the risk of premature birth and a lighter weight of the newborn will increase the risk of bad pregnancy.

Modern medicine has a clear judgment of the cause of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a multi -factor disease, and the most important pathogenic factor is tooth plaque.The oral cavity is an open environment. The plaque cannot be permanently eliminated. The results of the combat results between the body’s immune function and the pathogenic microorganisms in the plaque will determine whether the periodontal status of the host is healthy or sick.

Everyone knows that the level of hormone in the body during pregnancy will change significantly, but most people do not know that estrogen receptors are presented in gums and periodontal membrane cells.That is to say, a large amount of estrogen that naturally produces during pregnancy allows the periodontal tissue to "lie down" directly. The manifestation in the mouth is that the gums are more likely to swell and bleed.Even more unfortunately, the increased progesterone that increases during pregnancy and the nutritional vitamin K of the periodontal pathogenic bacteria is similar to the structure. This coincidence makes the periodontal tissue during pregnancy unfortunately a move.Eat the pathogenic microorganisms, and it is difficult for pregnant women to enjoy blessing.

The worst thing is that the types of pathogenic and microorganisms peripherals are similar to germs of infectious vaginal disease. Some of them can also enter the placenta through bacteria.Maternal and infant safety.

Dental disease during pregnancy is not afraid, actively deal with the move

Of course, the non -healthy state of pregnant women during pregnancy is not unavoidable.In response to the above causes, various medical technology for preventing and treating periodontal diseases has developed very mature.As long as we follow the scientific principles and remove, block or reduce various causes in a timely manner, we can effectively prevent and treat various periodontal disease during pregnancy.

[Discover problems in time, take action as soon as possible]

During pregnancy, the gums were found to be bleeding, swelling, hyperplasia, and pain, and pregnant women should be vigilant and valued.The correct response method is to consult oral professionals through Internet medical care and go to the dental department as soon as possible.Through clinical examination, oral doctors can quickly judge common diseases such as gingivitis, gingival tumors, and crown inflammation.Then formulate targeted treatment plans based on the whole body health and physiological and psychological state of pregnant women.

[Medical means are effective, removing bacteria are important]

The primary steps of the treatment of various types of periodontal diseases are plaque control. This effective measures for the most important causes of periodontal disease include two types of methods: mechanical and chemical.When dealing with periodontal disease during pregnancy, mouthwash with chemical antibacterial ingredients can only play a assist. The main force is medical operations such as gums, gums, and other medical operations, as well as toothbrushes, dental floss, tooth space brushes, rushing, rushingSelf -hygiene maintenance behavior of dental dental dental dental dental cavity.

[Cleaning teeth is essential, time must be exactly]

The gums on the gums are to remove the dental and plaque attached to the gingival edge above the surface of the teeth.Basic treatment of periodontal disease.Regardless of the use of handmade or electric ultrasonic tools, pain and sourness may occur during treatment.The noise generated by machine equipment and the fear of patients can risk risk of periodontal disease treatment during pregnancy.Under the guidance of a dentist, adhere to the control of daily spots, and arrange the basis of periodontal treatment during 4-6 months of pregnancy. It is a conventional plan for various periodontal diseases of pregnant women.

[Acute infection is fierce, doctors also have a way]

In case of misunderstanding the best treatment period, unfortunately occurred during acute periodontal abscesses, no matter at which stage of pregnancy, doctors will evaluate the systemic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes during the pregnancy of pregnant women, and periodontal emergency treatment will be performed if necessary.The gingival tumor during pregnancy that seriously affects the blessing of pregnant women should also perform the mechanical clearance of dental plaque first, and then determine whether it needs to be cleared in time according to the change of the gingival tumor.After childbirth, due to the decline in hormone levels such as progesterone in the maternal body, the gingival tumor can gradually shrink on its own. Although the possibility of completely fading completely, the efficacy of the periodontal basal treatment at this time is more certain, and the surgical trauma is smaller.

[Preparing for pregnancy seems to prepare for the exam, there is no trouble in place]

During the pregnancy preparation stage, it is recommended to do a good job of oral examination, diagnose the health of the periodontal period, receive the basic treatment of periodontal periodic and master the self -oral hygiene maintenance method to achieve bacteria control.Healing gingivitis, controlling periodontitis, and removing obstacles can greatly reduce the probability of incidence of gingivitis, gingival tumors during pregnancy, and wisdom toothurlery during pregnancy.

[Face the dental disease during pregnancy, break the vicious cycle]

If you miss the oral examination and health care during pregnancy, when various periodontal abnormalities occur during pregnancy, the probability of daily brushing will increase the bleeding of the gums, causing the pregnant woman to panic and evade the oral hygiene and cleanFurther exacerbate local periodontitis, thereby entering a vicious circle.In addition to the timely diagnosis of the oral specialties in time, it is essential to strengthen the oral specialist in time.

[Toothbrush dental floss flush device, the best strength is the most powerful]

Pregnant women can choose children’s toothbrushes or children’s electric toothbrushes with relatively small brushes and soft brushes.The manual brushing uses the rolling method (rolling method), so that bristles can follow the direction of the teeth and brush the surface of the gums and teeth with a certain pressure.Electric toothbrushes should carefully control the bristles of high -frequency vibration, so that they can touch the need for cleaning, or pass the energy of vibration vibration to the teeth through the water or saliva in the mouth, thereby crushing the plaque structure.

Because the bristles of various types of toothbrushes are difficult to enter the gap between the teeth, the cleaning of the contact area between the teeth must be used to use dental floss, tooth gap, and a toothing device.

For those who are healthy, the dental floss usually uses the highest efficiency of cleaning the teeth; patients with periodontitis have already occurred in the gum nipples, and the tooth gap brush matched with the size of the teeth can be used to more effectively remove the neighboring plaque; useAfter brushing the dental floss or tooth gap, then combined with the controlled pulse pressure and frequency flusher, it can be washed and discharged from the soft dirt and food residue in the teeth.

The arrangement of the teeth in the oral cavity is a bit complicated, and the parts that each oral cleaning tool can be achieved is limited. Therefore, it takes more time to use all kinds of tools to create a healthy pregnancy oral environment.Essence

Fully apply various oral cleaning tools to maintain self -oral hygiene before and after pregnancy, and then assist in pre -pregnancy diagnosis and treatment provided by the dentist.The blessing of pregnant women can naturally come.

Author: Li Chaolun (Stomatoscopy II Clinic Doctors of the Ninth People’s Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine)

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