What should I do if the endometrium is not tipped and pregnant

The endometrium is thickened, which is a very common situation in our lives.Because there are many women who will have endometrial thickening.What is the harm of endometrial thickening?There are the following aspects:

Endocrine disorders, aging face

The thickening of the endometrium is related to the level of hormone in women’s body. The hyperplasia of the endometrium is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, which can easily lead to long spots and dark skin on women’s faces.

Affected women’s pregnancy

Ovarian cycle produces ovarian secretion of female progesterone, causing the blood transportation of endometrium to increase the endometrium, resulting in thickening of the endometrium and hyperplasia, which may affect women’s pregnancy.

A large amount of bleeding causes shock

The clinical symptoms of endometrial thickening are irregular vaginal hemorrhage. If the condition is severely caused by a large amount of bleeding, it will lead to shock phenomenon.

First of all, it is necessary to clear the diagnosis and find out the reason that if it is accompanied by polycystic ovary, ovarian functional tumors, and other endocrine dysfunction, targeted treatment should be performed.At the same time, those who are not typical of uterine endometrium are not treated with symptomatic treatment immediately, and drug treatment or surgical treatment is used.

1. Hormone replacement

A large amount of exogenous hormones are used to impact the endocrine balance system that is already in a disorderly state to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.However, this treatment method has the shortcomings such as long course of treatment, low cure rate, and large side effects, which gradually attracts the attention of the clinical community.

2. Surgical treatment

The purpose of surgical treatment is to prevent the development of the lesion from the development of endometrial cancer. The applicable objects are often: those with invalid drug treatment or recurrence of drugs; age> 40 years old, those with no fertility;By.

3. TCM treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine has certain characteristics and advantages in the field of gynecological diseases, and the side effects are small or even without side effects.According to different constitutions and causes, different treatments are adopted, and the guidance of the situation is to achieve the purpose of adjusting the menstrual cycle and restoring ovulation.

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