What should I do if the fallopian tubes can’t get pregnant?You can try these three methods

The fallopian tube is an important reproductive organs. If the fallopian tube is blocked, the eggs cannot be successfully combined with sperm, and the chance of women’s conception will be greatly reduced and cannot even conceive.Therefore, it is confirmed that infertility caused by fallopian tube blockage must be actively treated with fallopian tube blockage, which is very helpful for increasing the chance of conception.

What should I do if the fallopian tube is not through?

1. Fallopian tube adhesion separation

This surgery is mainly to completely separate the partial part of the tubal umbrella end, so that the fallopian tube can grow and free. Usually, surgery is performed with the help of laparoscopy, and the abdomen can be performed.This surgery is suitable for women with tubal adhesion due to inflammation, such as fallopian tubes and ovarian inflammation, attachments, and patients with inflammation between pelvic walls and intestinal walls and large oments.Successful pregnancy.

2. Volunteal Refining

This surgery is mainly to re -connect the fallopian tubes that have been broken, so that the fallopian tubes restore the smooth state.This surgery is suitable for ovarian function, and women under the age of 35 are usually conceived within 6 months after surgery, which can not only increase the chance of pregnancy, but also reduce the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

3. IVF

If the fallopian tube is not connected and it is not suitable for various surgical methods, then the chance of women’s conception should be increased by IVF.This is a new type of in vitro fertilization. It will get women’s men and men’s sperm to the body, complete the fertilization process in the test tube, and then transplant the fertilized eggs directly into women’s body. The success rate can generally reach more than 70%or moreEssence

Suitable for women who have undergone surgery but still have no successful conception within 12 months; the degree of fallopian tube lesions is more serious, and women who do not get expected effects even if surgery will not be expected; women who are unwilling to perform fallopian tubes can generally obtain.Good effect.

Kind tips

The factors that cause tubal blockage are more complicated. Therefore, we must pay special attention in all aspects. First of all, try to avoid abortion or abortion of drugs, so as not to cause the fallopian tube due to postoperative infections.At the same time, it is necessary to develop regular gynecological examinations, because gynecological tumors may also cause compression of the fallopian tubes, resulting in adhesion of fallopian tubes.It is recommended that women who have not been pregnant for more than one year for pregnancy will actively conduct relevant examinations, such as uterine fallopian tubal film, laparoscopic tubal fluid, can determine the cause in time, so as to receive early treatment to avoid women suffer from huge psychological psychology because of thispressure.


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