What should I do if the leucorrhea during pregnancy is abnormal during pregnancy.

Leucorrhea is a barometer of women’s health. The change of leucorrhea foreshadows whether the health of this woman has a problem.What is the color of the leucorrhea after pregnancy? This is a question that many pregnant mothers care about.So what color is the leucorrhea during pregnancy?What should I do if my leucorrhea is abnormal during pregnancy?I will introduce them one by one for your reference.

What color is the leucorrhea during pregnancy?

Normal leucorrhea is white, transparent and tasteless. If color or abnormalities appear, that is, it is prompted that there is a gynecological infection, and there are many pathogenic bacteria that cause infections. Different pathogenic bacteria are different.Related examinations can be diagnosed.Women in the early stages of pregnancy, if the leucorrhea only has a large amount, but there is no odor, no itching, and no special color (such as red, brown or yellow -green), it is normal, and there is no special treatment.However, if the leucorrhea is stronger, the smell is unpleasant, or itching in the genitals, it is timely to go to the hospital for treatment.

In the early stages of pregnancy, leucorrhea increases. This is because the estrogen in the body gradually increases with the increase in the month of pregnancy. Estrogen can promote the blood flow of the cervix and endometrium glandular secretion of mucus.Strong, tissue water increases, therefore increased secretions, and leucorrhea increased.

In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to leucorrhea symptoms, there are symptoms such as stopping menstruation, increasing vaginal secretions, and bleeding.Although leucorrhea will increase in the early stages of pregnancy, if the increase in leucorrhea is more serious and the leucorrhea is not normal in color and state, then there may be some kind of gynecological inflammation and need to go to the hospital for examination.

What should I do if my leucorrhea is abnormal during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to hygiene.

Under the underwear, keep the vulva dry and clean. Take a bath but use a shower.

2. Wear the right underwear.

Choosing underwear is to pay attention to using cotton panties with better water absorption, instead of nylon materials.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the genitals.

Due to the increase in secretions, it is necessary to clean the pussy, but pay attention, use water to avoid disinfection water to avoid destroying the vagina environment.

4. Understand the reason and apply the right medicine.

(1) Uterine endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease: If the pregnant mother suffers from endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, its leucorrhea will also increase.Accompanied by abdominal pain.

(2) Cervical erosion: If the pregnant mother suffers from cervical erosion during pregnancy, its leucorrhea is generally colorful and sticky like pus. Although there is no special odor, cervical erosion still needs to be actively treated, otherwise it is easy to be easyAs a result, the fetus has abortion.

(3) Vaginitis: There are many vaginitis. Each vaginitis will have different symptoms. When suffering from mold vaginitis, the leucorrhea will be yellow or white. Most of the texture is thick.Tofu dregs or milk clots.

When pregnant mothers suffer from trichomonas vaginitis, their leucorrhea is mostly diluted, yellow yellow, and foam appears. Sometimes it will be rice -like, gray color, and often appear obvious odor. IfNot active treatment, long -term stimulation of leucorrhea, is prone to vulvar itching.

5. Daily prevention.

(1) Drugs must be used under the guidance of a doctor: the medication is not right, and the condition may be aggravated.

(2) Cosmetic medical treatment in time: If there are more leucorrhea or other discomfort in any situation, go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

(3) Regular examination: Even if there is no discomfort, it should be checked regularly. It is best to do a comprehensive gynecological examination at least once a year.

(4) Put less tight pants: wear less tight or close pants such as jeans, and avoid wearing tight nylon underwear, you should choose cotton underwear.

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