What should I do if the pregnant woman is "Yang"?Will it affect the fetus?The response measure shared by the doctor should keep in mind

How many friends around you are not "yang"?Since the optimization and adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control measures, there are more and more friends around Wenwen’s father, and many people have fallen into anxiety, especially pregnant mothers with baby.

Her colleague Nan Nan has been pregnant for more than 8 months, and is very anxious every day, fearing that he is "yang".Therefore, since the official announcement of the epidemic regulation, she has applied for maternity leave for the company.

After being approved, Nan Nan was basically home and rarely went out. He prayed that he could escape Omikon every day.But sometimes you are afraid of what you are, what you come?

That morning, Nan Nan’s husband began to have symptoms of uncomfortable throat and dry itching, and he began to have a low fever at noon.At first, Nan Nan thought it was caused by her husband’s layoffs.

But in the afternoon, Nan Nan also began to have these symptoms. Now she started to panic and kept drinking more water.I did not expect that the temperature of the evening body rose to 38 ° C, and there was a sign of continuous rise.

This made Nan Nan and her husband very worried. What they were worried about was not to be afraid of "yang", but that after "Yang", the virus would enter the body and hurt the baby in the belly.

And Nan Nan’s husband, his body temperature rose directly to 39.5 ° C, and the whole person began to be weak.After taking the antipyretic medicine, look at Nan Nan’s continuous high fever. His husband still holds his body and tries to a way to physical antipyretic fever for Nan Nan.

At that time, Nan Nan’s mood collapsed a bit, and the two immediately decided that if their body temperature exceeded 38.5 ° C, they hurried to the hospital.

Subsequently, Nan Nan began to afford to retreat, drink ginger soup, soak his feet, and wipe his body with a hot towel. After the operation, Nan Nan’s body temperature dropped to 37.5 ° C.

Looking at the thermometer, Nan Nan’s hanging heart finally began to let go.The next day, Nan Nan no longer had a high fever, and then tested it with antigen. The two were really "yang".

In the next few days, Nan Nan and her husband have been fever successively one after another, and then they still achieve the effect of reducing fever through physical cooling.

Looking back at the entire "Yang" process, Nan Nan’s feelings are: as long as she does not have a fever, other throat pain, cough, muscle soreness, body weakness, etc. She can bear.But only the fever made her frightened. After all, the fever continued to hurt the baby in the belly.

Now Nan Nan has basically been successfully cleared, and the body does not have much discomfort. After the antigen self -test, it has also changed from "yang" to "yin".

During the entire "Yang" process, Nan Nan summarized some small experiences and shared the circle of friends.

① After the pregnant woman is "yang", don’t think about it. The husband and wife should cheer each other, and the husband needs to take care of the emotions of his wife.

② If you want to do your best, if the physical cooling does not work, you must go to the hospital quickly to seek the help of a doctor.

③ Prepare antigen, disinfection water, mask and other supplies in advance to prepare from time to time.

Nan Nan’s anti -"yang" method is right?After a pregnant woman has a fever, will there be risks without going to the hospital?Facing his inner questions, Wenwen Dad consulted his obstetrics and gynecology friends, and also inquired about relevant information.

If the pregnant woman is "yang", what is the correct response?

The method shared by obstetrics and gynecologists is that if pregnant women are infected with Omikon, the correct response method is to adhere to 2 words: right!If you have a fever, you need to take antipyretic medicine (antipyretic medicine specially for pregnant women), and then cooperate with physical cooling, such as those of Nan Nan.

Many pregnant women, including the only cognition of Wenwen’s father, have a fever in pregnant women, and many people’s response methods are "resistance."

I always think that taking medicine is not good for children. After listening to the doctor said that after taking antipyretic medicine, Wenwen Dad also checked the information. First, he did not find the relevant information.

The second is the dedicated antipyretic medicine for pregnant women, which is very safe!Therefore, once a pregnant woman continues to have a high fever, please do not carry it, but see a doctor in time.If you carry it blindly, it will really affect your baby.

In addition, after "Yang", there is another symptom that cough. If pregnant women cough frequently, what should I do?

In the process of anti -"Yang", Nan Nan also had a severe cough of a day or two. Her method was: Dead!But doctors and friends do not recommend death!

The doctor’s suggestion is to relieve the cough medicine for pregnant women.After all, persistent cough, especially in the third trimester, will have the risk of premature birth.

Therefore, pregnant women are "yang". The correct treatment method is to use symptoms to relieve symptoms!After a fever, let the doctor prescribe the fever, and then physical cooling; when the cough, take cough medicine and drink plenty of water.

Wenwen Dad also found the relevant information of the "Yang" of the pregnant woman, and put it down for friends for reference:

Is the pregnant mother "Yang", will it affect the fetus in the abdomen?Will the babies born "Yang" be "yang"?

When Wenwen dad brushed the circle of friends, he saw a friend of early pregnancy and asked: "Yang", can he still want this child?

Wen Wen’s father looked at the comments below, tears were a bit unable to stop, it was all "required"!

In order to figure out this problem, I got a call from a doctor and friends. She said that no study showed that after pregnant women were infected with Omikon, the abdominal fetus was malformed, miscarriage, and even some complications.

As for the "yang" of pregnant women, will the baby given birth to "Yang"?The answer given by a friend is: might be yang, but the probability is very low. The reason for "Yang" may not be infected by pregnant mothers, but in the environmental contact after birth.

Wenwen Dad checked the relevant information (as follows), and found that the total incidence of newborn infection does not exceed 2%, but if the infection of the third trimester is infected, or to induce severe illnesses, then the child’s risk of "Yang" may be slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly illuminated.high.

Fortunately, most of them are asymptomatic or mild after the child is infected with Omircong!The two children of the friends around Wenwen, one 6, and 3 years old, are "yang".

The symptoms of the two children are far lighter than adults, and they have been burned for a day. Even if they are burned, their mental state is very good.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should not worry, in case of "yang", do the right treatment in time.If you have a fever, take antipyretics; cough, take cough medicine!Don’t blindly carry it!

Finally, I heard that 80%of people will be infected with Omikon. I hope that I am within 80%, leaving 20%of luck to the elderly and children. I hope everyone can be safe and healthy!

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