What should I do if vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?How to avoid abortion?

What the most afraid of expectant mothers is the word "abortion", and it is difficult to conceive. Once any abnormalities occur, the mother’s body and psychology will cause a great blow and harm.

Therefore, preventing abortion has become the top priority of expectant mothers.

Is vaginal bleeding abortion?

We generally watch TV series. As long as there are disputes around the pregnant woman, the pregnant woman will definitely squeeze into the battle whirlpool, and then be pushed to the ground, and then bleed, eventually abortion.

Therefore, vaginal bleeding has become an important symbol of miscarriage, but in fact, there are still many causes of vaginal bleeding:

◆ Eating peppers, longan, chocolate and other irritating and hot foods, as well as excessive sexual life, may aggravate vaginal bleeding.

◆ Breakal abortion, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal, cervical erosion, etc. will be accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage.

◆ Cervical cancer may also cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and can be judged through cervical coating in the early pregnancy.

Is it frightened after watching these?Cervical cancer, cervical erosion, threatening abortion!This is too scary!

In fact, vaginal bleeding is not so scary, because diseases such as cervical cancer are still very low.

And in the early pregnancy, vaginal bleeding is still very common, and bleeding should not be too nervous. In most cases, painless vaginal bleeding has nothing to do with abortion.

However, if the vagina continues to bleed, the amount is relatively large, there are blood clots inside, or the possibility of miscarriage is relatively large when there is pain, don’t delay, hurry to go to the hospital!

The correct way to prevent miscarriage

◆ Try not to hold urine. If pain occurs when urinating, go to the hospital in time to avoid patentitis.Generally, with the increase of the uterus, pain will occur in the lower abdomen and ribs of expectant mothers, but if bleeding is still bleeding, you must go to the hospital in time.

◆ Do a good job of keeping warm, wear socks and warm underwear to prevent abortion caused by cold.

◆ Don’t take heavy objects, be careful when you go up the steps.

◆ Anti -slip, especially in the bathroom and other places, you can spread anti -slip pads.Shoes should also choose non -slip, it is best to wear flat shoes.

◆ Stay away from film and television works or programs with strong mental irritation to avoid causing mental tension. Don’t go to haunted houses.

◆ Stay away from tobacco and alcohol or other foods that are prone to abortion, such as crabs, turtles, aloe vera, and spicy food.

In addition to the above, pregnant mothers must calm down.

Most natural miscarriage is due to the poor development of the embryo. 60%-80%is due to the problem with the fertilized eggs or abnormal chromosomes. Such abortion is a survival of the fittest and a very natural phenomenon. It must be treated rationally.

You know, keeping a pleasant mood is very important for expectant mothers!

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