What should I do if vomiting during pregnancy?I know here after watching it

In the early stages of pregnancy, most expectant mothers will have nausea and vomiting. They will usually last for two or three months, and some even run through the entire pregnancy. We call it pregnancy vomiting or pregnancy during pregnancy.Generally speaking, mild pregnancy reactions disappear naturally in about three months of pregnancy.In the first three months of pregnancy, fertilized egg division was the most vigorous and the formation of various organs formed by the fetus.Powerful vomiting will make the expectant mother feel uncomfortable, so how to relieve pregnancy and vomiting?

Avoid the factors that cause nausea

1. The rooms are opened more windows to ventilate, try not to smell the smell of oil fume in the kitchen.

2. Avoid perfume, chemicals, smoke, etc.

3. Avoid eating fried and high -oil foods, heavy foods, and heavy coffee to prevent gastric juice from flowing upside down and stimulate the esophagus mucosa.

4. Avoid overheating, noise, and visual or physical movement (for example, cause motion sickness)

Can’t be too full or hungry

1. Eat less meals, you can arrange three meals a day for 2-3 meals.

2. Do not drink too much water or soup while eating.

3. Recommend dry foods with high carbohydrates, such as sesame biscuits, biscuits, ravioli, oat rods, etc.

4. Pregnancy is not when losing weight, do not die or skip every meal.

Find out the food you can accept

Usually high protein, salty, low fat, light, dry foods are more likely to accept pregnant mothers.

Pind to sleep is important

Successive sleep is conducive to alleviating symptoms. Going up early and getting up early, and you can take a nap properly during the day, but you need to pay attention to avoid going to bed immediately after meals to avoid aggravating nausea.

Some foods and non -prescriptions can relieve symptoms


There are research suggestions to eat ginger -containing food, such as ginger lollipop, ginger tea, and food made of ginger root or ginger juice.

Vitamin B6

It can improve nausea and small side effects and easy to buy. The recommended dose is 10-25mg (1-2 tablets) per 6-8 hours. Be careful not to eat too much.

Nutrition powder of Jinwei pregnant women

China’s first special pregnant woman’s clinical nutrients are rich in protein, essential fatty acids and various vitamin minerals, which can be used under the guidance of nutritionists.

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