What should I do if we wear a mask for a long time?

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For a period of time, the temperature rising, and the mask became a kind of torment.Recently, some citizens are quite troubled. Long -term wearing a mask causes acne on the face, and it is easy to cause other skin diseases. But masks have to wear, so what should I do for these skin problems?The reporter from this newspaper invited Zhang Qiguo, deputy chief physician of the Dermatology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, and Lu Haipeng, chief physician of the dermatology department of Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, to answer this.

Zhang Qiguo and Lu Haipeng believe that the skin diseases that are prone to wear masks for a long time are mainly common: acne, allergies and mechanical damage (indentation, etc.), which should be targeted.In addition, the experts also reminded: when the mask is not yet on the mask!


Wash your face with warm or saline water

Avoid staying up late and eating less spicy

Acne is "acne" or "acne" we often call.Zhang Qiguo introduced that the closed effect of wearing a mask leads to the lack of local air, which can easily cause the facial hair follicle sebum secretion, form accumulation and blockage, causing inflammation and causing acne.Zhang Qiguo suggested that patients should wash their face at least twice with warm water or light saline water every day, and at the same time avoid using strong soap to wash their faces; if more obvious symptoms occur, antibiotic drugs, such as Fu Xidi acid cream, or vitamin with vitamins can be used.Thyteic acid ointment, such as Adapalin gel, is applied on the affected area.In addition, Zhang Qiguo specially reminded, "Women who plan to get pregnant and lactating should not use vitamin acid ointment."

Lu Haipeng put forward suggestions from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and life. The prevention and treatment of acne should maintain the balance of the body’s endocrine and avoid excessive secretion of face oil on the face.First of all, you should pay attention to avoid staying up late and maintain a standardized life law; secondly, standardize diet to avoid eating spicy food; finally, you must reasonably adjust your emotions and avoid the effects of negative emotions such as excessive pressure.At the same time, citizens can also choose the appropriate Chinese medicine to condition their bodies according to the doctor’s advice.

Symptoms of skin allergies

Apply moisturizing milk before wearing a mask

Apply your face with cold water after picking up

Some people also cause skin allergies due to mask materials and other reasons.Lu Haipeng suggested that if the skin is more sensitive, you can wipe an appropriate amount of moisturizing milk on the face before wearing a mask. After taking off the mask, you can also apply cold water to the face, which can also relieve some allergic symptoms."But this type of allergic symptoms varies from person to person, and the allergic reactions may also be different." Lu Haipeng believes that when the symptoms are serious, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

Symptom mechanical damage

Adjust the mask position appropriately

Cold compresses are affordable parts

The mechanical damage caused by the shaping of the mask and the tiereds used for fixed straps is mainly reflected in the skin necrosis caused by stunning, long -term compression and severe cases.Epidemic workers.Both Zhang Qiguo and Lu Haipeng believe that for ordinary citizens, it is recommended that we wear masks for more than 2 hours to appropriately adjust the position of the mask, and combine cold compresses to alleviate the oppressed parts. If more severe symptoms occur, they should seek medical treatment in time.

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