What should I pay attention to when my cat is pregnant?Shovel officer panicked

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Most of the shoveling officers raising cats are students or office workers, and most of them have not experienced the development stage of cat pregnancy.Therefore, when your cat is pregnant, many shovel officers do not know what to do in this case to allow cats to safely spend this process.Now, let’s find out what issues need to pay attention to when cats need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to calcium supplementation

Catal cats with pregnancy are very large.Because kittens need to absorb calcium to better long bones, for cats during pregnancy, they need to support the growth of cat cubs by intake sufficient calcium, otherwise it may cause abortion.Putante high -energy calcium tablets can help solve the problem of calcium deficiency in cats and cats, which can help cats and cats promote bone development, anti -osteoporosis, enhance calcium absorption, protect gastrointestinal tract, strong bones, supplement nutrition, improve the body, improve the body bodyImmunity.

2. Create a good environment

The sleeping time for pregnant cats will increase a lot compared to the original. The shoveling officer should provide a quiet environment to ensure the quality of the cat’s sleep.If the environment of the cat is always bustling and very noisy, the cat will become very irritable. Therefore, the shoveling officer should choose not to be too noisy to settle the pregnant cat.

3. Don’t exercise vigorously

Cats need to exercise. This is also essential during pregnancy, but it cannot perform too severe exercise. Because cats are easy to have a miscarriage, the shovelers should let the cats go as slow as possible instead of letting it run fast.The stomach of the cat in the late pregnancy will gradually increase, and the shoveling officers should increase the number of maternity cats, because when the cat’s bladder capacity is reduced, the cat can hold back.

4. Don’t hold the cat casually

Some shoveling officers like to hold their cats, but they are not suitable for holding it every time. If your cat is pregnant, it is best to pay attention if you want to hold it.Hold it up like that, or hold the cat’s legs with one hand, these actions are wrong.

5. Pay attention to diet

The amount of cats during pregnancy will increase, but it should be noted that it is not possible to feed the cat too much, which will cause cats to obese, which will affect the production difficulties at that time.Similarly, cats still need to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, so shoveling officers need to choose some foods with high nutritional value.Putian’s Ome eggplant fish oil can be rich in essential fatty acids in cats and cats, helping pets to restore vitality, maintain the brain, resist diseases, comprehensively nourish and supplement nutrients, repair the muscle, and bright hair.

The shoveling officers need to understand the precautions that these five cats need during pregnancy, so that you can make you not need to panic and know how to take care of the pregnant cat.Let our cat numb a happy pregnancy.

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