What should I pay attention to when taking a bath during pregnancy?Don’t ignore 5 small things, it is related to the safety of pregnant women and fetuses

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It is inconvenient to do whatever you do during pregnancy, and things that are not good for pregnant women will be banned by the family.Can’t play with mobile phones, make up, or K songs, even bathing will cause family members to worry.

Xiao Lu has been pregnant for 5 months, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Recently, she has become frequent in bathing. Sometimes she feels uncomfortable and she will go to the bath.

After being known by Xiaolu’s mother, she was anxious to criticize her, and she was not allowed to take a bath again.I originally thought that my mother said that she was afraid of her waste of money, but later I knew her mother’s intentions.

It turned out that my mother heard that the daughter of my colleague’s house went to the bath center with pregnancy, and accidentally slipped in it. Although it was not dangerous, it was really scared.

My mother told Xiaolu that if she really wanted to go, she also had to find a friend or family to accompany her. She must pay attention to safety when she was pregnant.

Some expectant mothers were too nervous before and did not dare to take a bath during pregnancy. This was a bit worried.Of course, you can take a bath during pregnancy, and the pregnant woman guarantees that personal hygiene is also good for the fetus, which can also relax the pregnant woman to relax.

It ’s just that pregnant women have a lot of attention to take a bath. They ca n’t be as casual as usual. These 5 things are familiar with the mother.

1) The water temperature should be moderate, don’t be too wayward

Usually personal habits are different. Some people like to take a cold bath and some people like very hot water.This does not matter when it is usually used, as long as you can adapt, but pregnant women cannot be willful.

The temperature of pregnant women should not exceed 40 degrees at about 38, but also not to take a cold bath.

Cold water will stimulate the uterine contraction, it is easy to make the fetus unstable, and it is also easy to make the mother’s mother suffer.Excessive water temperature may hurt the fetus to the brain, and even cause fetal malformation in the early days.

2) Do not take a bath time too long

Each time the expectant mother takes a bath, it is controlled at 15-20 minutes, and it is best not to exceed 30 minutes.

In general, the bathroom is relatively closed, and bathing will consume physical strength. Pregnant women may not be dizzy and dizzy in the bathroom for too long, and they will also cause fetal hypoxia early.

3) expectant mothers should choose a shower

Bathing can really relieve fatigue, but this is not suitable for expectant mothers. The most suitable way to take a bath for pregnant women is shower.

During pregnancy, women’s privacy of bacterial defense is reduced, and inflammation is easy to produce, and bathing will increase the chance of bacterial infection.Especially in public baths, bacteria are harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.

4) Do not be empty when taking a bath. Remember to drink some water

Before bathing, the expectant mother must first ensure that she is not an empty stomach. She has eaten food to maintain her physical strength. In addition, she can have a small glass of water before and after bathing.

Although the skin is moist during bathing, the water loss in the body will occur during the bath, so it is necessary to supplement water.

5) Choose a mild shower gel

Pregnant women should replace the bath gel with a large fragrance and various functions, and replace it with a special or ordinary clean shower gel. Surgery function may be harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.

The family of bathing the family is most afraid that the pregnant woman will fall, and the floor of the bathroom is slippery.Specific mothers can sit on a stool, or take anti -slip measures in the bathroom.

When taking a bath, pay attention to gently wash your stomach. Too forceful will stimulate the palace to shrink the fetus frequently.

When you ca n’t clean it yourself, your family can help, especially some bending movements, which can easily make the pregnant woman’s focus unstable and fall.

During the pregnancy, women’s body is bulky and pays more attention to their own safety. If you go to a public bath to take a bath, you must be accompanied by family members to avoid danger of slipping or fainting.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

During pregnancy, expectant mothers may have some contradictions with their families. I can’t do what I want to do. I feel that I have no freedom. I think that the family is also considered for pregnant women.Although not so fragile during pregnancy, some advice still have to listen.

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