What should the new Dutch pig pay attention to?Novice Pig Guide

As a pet blogger with seven Dutch pigs, he has been raising a pig for three years. He often receives questions from friends who are preparing to enter the pit to raise Dutch pigs. What should the new Dutch pigs prepare?What should I pay attention to?Share some of my pig farming experience today.

Cage, straw frame, basin, roller kettle, urine pads, wood chips, and so on.

The above items are the basic equipment that the Dutch pigs need to daily. You can choose items according to personal preference. For example, choose a two -in -one straw rack food basin. If you buy a drawer cage, you can choose a plastic film with wood chips without urine pads.

Stadium: Guinea pig grain, grass, Timore.

Snacks: vegetables, lettuce, carrots, sweet peppers, apples and other vegetables, can also feed some tender corn skin.

Dutch pigs are adults for six months. If you buy milk pigs for less than six months, you will mainly feed the grass, and a little less Timothy grass, so that they can adapt to the taste of Timothy Cao, and you need to change to all Timimosi grass after adulthood.It’s easy.Fed the grass without limit, with the right amount of guinea pig food, the amount of pigs weighs 3%-5%.

If you buy an adult pig, don’t feed the grass, feed the unlimited edition of the Timothy grass and add an appropriate amount of guinea pig food.

Note that the Dutch pigs who have just arrived at home, specially purchased milk pigs, pay attention to observe whether there is diarrhea. It is best not to feed more water such as vegetables and fruits within a week. You can feed some dried vegetables of vegetables for snacks.Don’t feed too much vegetables. If you are afraid of lack of vitamin C, you can buy some pet vitamin C regularly and quantitatively.

The Dutch pigs who just arrive at home are prone to stress reactions. They are particularly timid and are particularly afraid of noise. The pigs who just arrive at home should not be raised in a large place such as balcony.Don’t keep it in a humid environment, they are prone to skin diseases.

Do not sting for the Dutch pigs that just arrive at home. They are frightened during this period. In the future, there may be obstacles to your interaction with you. Seeing that you are easy to hide.

Do not take a bath when you just arrived at home. Many novice friends made this mistake. Because buying Dutch pigs online, I found that it was dirty after receiving it.The towel was wiped slightly, and the pigs were adapted to the environment for ten days and a half months.

Note that temperature: The weather exceeds 35 ° C, too hot to cool them, and the temperature in winter should be warm with blanket cotton nests.

Friends who buy a pair of Dutch pigs should pay attention to that Dutch pigs are adults for six months, but sows will become pregnant in three months. At this time, the body is not suitable for childbirth, so male sow must be divided into cages.Friends who raise a pair of adult pigs need to consider the plans of the Dutch pig pigs, and they are particularly able to give birth.

Dutch pigs should pay attention to observing their mental state, whether they love to eat, observe whether there are parasites and skin diseases, whether there is frying hair, or whether the eyes are turbid or crying.Discover the abnormal time to communicate with the seller or go to see the little pet doctor.

It is not good to talk about it. I hope to help the novices raising the Dutch pigs. Friends who like Dutch pigs can pay attention to Grandma Grandma’s pets and exchange and share the experience and fun of pig farming together.

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