What should we do for three years and never get pregnant?The doctor tells you the answer


Xiaoyun is 30 years old and has been married to her husband Li Ming for three years, and his life is very warm.Xiaoyun has always wanted a child, but it has been three years since marriage, and has never been pregnant.Xiaoyun’s body has always been very good, and there are no bad habits, and living habits are very regular. Why can’t you get pregnant?The problem of Xiaoyun has always troubled her.

Xiaoyun always thought that as long as he did not take contraceptive measures, he could be pregnant naturally, so he was not too anxious in the past two years.But over time, Xiaoyun began to be anxious.So she decided to go to the hospital for professional help.

"Doctor, I have been married to my husband for three years. We hope to have a child, but we are not pregnant yet. What should we do?" Xiaoyun asked the doctor anxiously.

The doctor looked at Xiaoyun gently and explained patiently: "First of all, you have to understand that pregnancy is not a thing that can be completed immediately, it takes a certain time. Second, you need to understand some basic knowledge about pregnancy to improve youOpportunities for success. "

Doctors continue to explain that, first of all, they need to master their own physiological cycles and understand the best time to conceive.Generally speaking, women’s ovulation period is the middle stage of the menstrual cycle, and the chance of conception during this period is the largest.

Secondly, maintaining good living habits, healthy diet, proper exercise, and good mentality, these are helpful to improve the possibility of conception.

In the end, Xiaoyun and Li Ming need to conduct a comprehensive physical examination to check whether there is a physical condition that affects the conception.

After listening to the doctor’s advice, Xiaoyun looked very grateful because she was very scarce on pregnancy.She said to the doctor, "I used so much knowledge to prepare for pregnancy, and we need to do so much preparation. I always thought that as long as I stopped contraception. Doctor, thank you, I understand, I and my husband will follow you as you and I will follow you as you.Suggestion to do it. "

After the doctor’s guidance and his own efforts, Xiaoyun successfully became pregnant after half a year.When she saw the positive pregnancy test paper, she couldn’t control her joy, and tears spinned in her eyes.She was very emotional: "This is really a miracle, I can hardly believe that she will be pregnant one day. All this is worth it."

During her pregnancy, she will continue to maintain good living habits and mentality, which has a very important impact on the health of the fetus.She must ensure a balanced diet and eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional needs of the fetus.

In addition, she must go to the hospital for pregnancy, which can ensure the health of the fetus and timely discover and deal with any possible problems.She also started learning childcare knowledge and prepared for the upcoming mother.

Xiaoyun’s example lets us understand that it is not a simple matter to get pregnant successfully. It takes time, patience, scientific methods and appropriate mentality.Only in this way can we better add a new life to our lives.


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