What should we do if there is back pain after giving birth?Can it be good?

After encountering some cesarean section, the mother complained that the back pain after lumbar numbness has always been bad. It may be caused by puncture during anesthesia.Many mothers were hospitalized for the first time and were stitched on the waist. They felt really scared. The rough needle was really uncomfortable.Is lumbar numbness the culprit of postpartum back pain?

What should we do if back pain occurs?Can it be good?Let’s find the scientific basis together.

1. Lumbar linen

First of all, introduce how the anesthesia of the cesarean section is operated.

The middle of our spine bone is wrapped in cylindrical spinal cord, and the spine bone is like the sheep scorpion we eat, one by one.

The spinal cord is wrapped in two layers of membranes, one layer of soft membrane, and one layer of dura is covered with liquid in the middle.

In -spinal anesthesia commonly used in caesarean section is called lumbar hard combined anesthesia (united in popular lumbar anesthesia and epidural anesthesia).

When a doctors are punctured, the puncture needle should be in turn through the skin, subcutaneous tissue, three -layer ligament, and the cavity outside the duct, and finally reach the position that can be anesthetized.That is, the doctor will cleverly pass through the gap between the bones to deliver the drug.

2. Will lumbar numbness be back pain?

Of course, it will hurt when you wear a needle when you are anesthesia. Just like a injection, the needle eyes will be painful and uncomfortable the next day when the needle is touched.Studies have found that up to 1/3 of patients in high lumbar spine have a limited back pain after the lumbar spine puncture. After all, it takes time to recover by the part that has been tied by a needle.Causes chronic low back pain.(Evans RW. Complications of Lumbar Puncture. Neurol Clin 1998; 16:83.)

If it is not very smooth when I tie the needle, will I get to my nerves or bones, stretch myself, and let my back pain delay?This situation is relatively rare, because the spinal cord is full of damage if it is filled with a needle tie up, so the anesthesiologist will be on the lower part when the needle is in the needle.The silk -shaped nerves from the spinal cord float in the liquid, and they will float away if they are encountered.

Studies have found that during the operation, it is not uncommon for a patient to experience a short -term electric shock -like pain caused by the nerves.However, more persistent nerve root symptoms or nerve root damage seems to be rare, which means that such pain will not occur if you slowly recover.

To sum up, will lumbar numbness be back pain?The current research results believe that back pain may occur within a few days, and generally do not cause chronic back pain.

3. What should I do if I have back pain after giving birth?

But what should I do if I really have back pain after giving birth?Is there any other reason if it is not anesthesia?There are low back pain before pregnancy, back pain during pregnancy, and mothers who are produced many times are prone to postpartum back pain after giving birth.The disc herniation we often hear about is rarely the cause of low back pain during pregnancy and postpartum. It is more due to changes in the posture of pregnancy, insufficient muscle strength during pregnancy and postpartum muscle strength, and joints caused by relaxation.Some mothers have physical edema during pregnancy and postpartum, and connective tissues in the body are tissue edema such as fascia.

Among them, there are many medical principles. Instead of discussing complex reasons, it is better to actively prevent and treat back pain and let yourself restore a painless state.

How to prevent it

1. When sitting, use small pillows or towels to support the back when feeding.If Ge You lay down when he lays forward, if the breastfeeding time is longer, it is easy to aggravate low back pain.

2. Put the pillow between the two knee joints to support the legs when sleeping on the side to relieve waist pressure.In addition, the bed should not be too soft, and the whole person will sleep in the bed.

3. When bending down, you should flex your knees and hip flexion to keep your back straight.When moving things, let the object get close to the body, as if the cockpit of a crane is the cockpit of the crane in the control and starting movement, instead of getting up through the upper limbs.

This part should be emphasized, because to take care of the baby, change diaper, bath, and sleep, it is difficult to avoid damage.Some parenting artifacts hope to help mothers reduce the burden on the waist.

① The diaper table is really used. If you feel that there is no place at home, you can change your baby on the ready -made table at home.

② Put the bathtub on a shelf or a table, so that the mother can enjoy the parent -child time without being troubled by low back pain.

③ Recommended baby scarf or straps about sleeping, the pressure will be evenly distributed on the back, instead of loading through the waist.

4. Do not mention heavy objects after giving birth, and the weight of the early postpartum does not exceed the baby’s weight.

5. How to treat back pain

The treatment of low back pain is roughly divided into three steps,

1. Old pain relief

When the pain first appeared, the pain was severe. First of all, it was necessary to relieve pain.

Methods include hot therapy, such as hot water bottle and various physical therapy, such as electrotherapy, infrared, magnetic therapy, and so on.At the same time, it can be used with oral analgesic drugs, such as acetaminol and ibuprofen, which is a safe medicine for lactating mothers.

Acupuncture and external plasters of the motherland are also very helpful.

2. Training

Many people have no pain in their waist, they feel that they are good, they will not see a doctor, and they will not be treated specifically.

After the pain is reduced or the frequency is reduced, it is recommended that we can try some rehabilitation exercises to treat back pain from the root cause.At this stage, the training is relatively technical, but it is not well practiced to increase the pain. It is recommended to exercise under the guidance of professional rehabilitation institutions under the guidance of professionals.

3. Prevention and back pain again

After the pain is fully controlled, if the corresponding training can be strengthened, it will make the muscle strength around your waist and abdomen stronger, the spine is more stable, and the lumbar spine can not be damaged from strongly protecting the lumbar spine.At the same time, the flexible joints also make the activity more freely and avoid injuries.This part of the training suggests can be carried out in non -medical institutions, such as yoga, Teacher Pilate, and fitness coaches to persist in exercise.

After scientific training and postpartum back pain, there will be improved to varying degrees, so mothers come on!In addition to your baby, please take time to care for himself, please take care of their favorite person for the baby.

Author: Zhang Xin, a doctor at the Beijing Human Mujia Rehabilitation Hospital, the author of the doctor

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