What should we do if we are really infertile?

Women’s fertility is the basic ability to reproduce the next generation. Infertility, as a special reproductive health defect, often has adverse effects on women, families, and even society. It has become an important medical and social problem.In recent years, the incidence of infertility has been on the world in recent years. WHO proposed that infertility, cardiovascular diseases and tumors have been tied as the three major diseases that affect human life and health.

In the late 1980s, the infertility rate of women in my country was only 2%to 5%. Investigations in recent years have shown a significant increase in infertility rates.Generally speaking, men and women have a fertility plan. There are no contraceptive measures for normal pregnancy for more than one year without pregnancy. It can be determined to be infertility. If women are over 35 years old, they should consider infertility if they are not pregnant for half a year.

Step 1: Communicate between husband and wife

Infertility can be divided into two cases, which are secondary infertility and primary infertility.Primary infertility refers to never giving birth, and secondary infertility refers to having children and then infertility.Therefore, the husband and wife should communicate well on the "child" question, discuss whether they have to be a child, or take scientific means to help pregnancy or continue to wait for natural pregnancy.Only by achieving a consistent goal can we more actively cooperate with doctors for treatment!

Step 2: Go to a professional hospital for relevant inspections

Both husband and wife are infertile, so they should go to the hospital for examination.If one party does not check, it is difficult to find the specific reason for infertility!And in the process of examination, doctors suggest that the man will perform semen first. When the semen is normal, the next female examination item will be performed.Even when the results of the inspection indicate that the reason for one of them, both the husband and wife should face it together!

Step 3: Determine the treatment plan

Many families often have differences when treating infertility. For example, the woman thinks that no matter how much money it is spent, even if they are diluing, they have to treat natural pregnancy. The man thinks that the treatment cost is too expensive.In the end, it is likely that there is no result!Therefore, in order to avoid these differences, both husband and wife should clarify the specific treatment plan in advance.Agreement with a preparation of options in advance, receiving related treatment or using assisted reproductive technology to help pregnancy, and even infertility after treatment, choose to give up.

Only early treatment of infertility can we have a greater possible pregnancy!

According to scientific research, women are the most suitable for fertility from 23 to 30 years old. They are too young or too much to get pregnant!And with the increase of age, the chance of pregnancy is getting lower and lower until ovarian failure.Therefore, it is necessary to treat infertility as soon as possible. Young women not only have higher conception, but also more likely to pregnancy after treatment.

There are many causes of infertility, and "gynecological diseases" are one of the important causes.Many women’s infertility is caused by related gynecological diseases.Therefore, when you go to the hospital for examination earlier, you can also discover the disease earlier and treat it, which will help increase the chance of conception!

The doctor has something to say:

The concept of infertility is that there is no pregnancy for one year, and contraceptive measures have never been taken during sexual life.If you are also the case, you must be vigilant, it is likely that "infertility" is looking for you. The most wise choice is to go to the hospital for examination in time.Some children who belong to themselves earlier!

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