What should women pay attention to after pregnancy?The doctor told these 7 points and write it down

Pregnancy is a very important item in women’s life experience. The process of breeding life is wonderful, but at the same time, it is risky. A little carelessness will cause miscarriage.Therefore, in the pregnancy period, the pregnant women should pay more attention to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

1. Dietary aspect

Women who are pregnant should not consume too much fat and high -protein foods.Too many high -fat foods intake can cause fat accumulation, which can lead to increased cholesterol concentration, which is not conducive to the normal development of the mother and the child.Too many high -protein foods intake will have a heavy burden on the digestive tract of pregnant women, leading to loss of appetite.Spicy stimulus and cold foods should also be eaten less. Although nutritional intake should be increased during pregnancy, nutritional intake should also be appropriate, so as not to cause the fetus to produce when the fetus is too large.

2. Clothing

Women will increase their breasts after pregnancy and are accompanied by pain. At this time, they cannot wear underwear when they are not pregnant. They should change to the model and loose underwear, which should not be restrained to the chest.

3. Action aspect

Women pregnant women cannot do severe exercise to avoid too much labor, but usually exercise appropriately.In addition, the scope of action of pregnant women must be limited to the scope of safety. Do not go to places with large traffic alone, or go to places with poor environmental hygiene to avoid virus and bacterial infections.

4. Emotion

After women, women will also change their emotions. At this time, family members and friends around them should pay more attention to them and take more time to accompany pregnant women.If pregnant women stay alone for a long time and no one will accompany, they will be emotional, so that after production, it is likely to cause postpartum depression.

5. Animal contact

After women are pregnant, if they have pets in their homes, they must be vaccinated regularly for them, and pregnant women do not often touch stray dogs or stray cats outside to prevent bow -shaped infection.

6. Living habits

Women must quit bad habits after pregnancy, such as smoking and alcohol.After pregnancy, women’s physical functions will decrease slightly. At this time, smoking will stimulate women’s lungs, and wine will stimulate women’s liver and digestive tract.And we must clearly know the basic common sense of medication during pregnancy, it is best not to take medicine during pregnancy.

7. Skin care

Women must use natural healthy skin care products after pregnancy, and try not to make up, because most of the cosmetics contain chemicals, chemicals will penetrate through the skin, which will cause infants to stimulate, which is likely to cause congenital lesions of babies.

Reminder: Women from pregnancy to production are a long -term and difficult process. Many small things that do not pay attention to it may be amplified during pregnancy and cause abortion. Therefore, you must pay more attention to the precautions mentioned above.

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