What the pregnant mother is most afraid is the sudden abortion. If you want to survive these points during pregnancy

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▽ About 1/3 of the embryo will still occur naturally

▽ Natural abortion is a natural choice to avoid giving birth to abnormal babies

▽ Hereditary, mother factors, external environment, etc. can cause natural abortion

▽ Six methods to reduce natural abortion

Although the TV series is very dog -blooded, the natural miscarriage will also happen in daily life. Many women become cautious after pregnancy, and they are afraid of turning their children.

Many Baoma’s concerns were hooked up, and the science addiction of October fungus was also committed. Then let’s talk about the incident of natural miscarriage.

Men’s sperm and women’s eggs successfully combined with fertilization to form embryos, and after the endometrium (bed), about 1/3 of the embryo will still occur naturally.

The probability of natural abortion is so high that countless mothers are worried.But in October, I think you still need to know:

From the perspective of human reproduction, natural abortion may not be a bad thing, and in many cases, it is a natural choice.

Don’t worry about scolding October’s bacteria without conscience, don’t understand the pain of your mother’s loss of children. In fact, as a father, if my child is in trouble, the first thing that is painful is me, but the objective scientific truth will not be based on our subjective emotions.In order to transfer, first let us put aside the emotions of fear and uncomfortable. Let’s talk about what happened naturally, and know what it is to prevent it early.

Natural abortion

Most of the abortion occurred in the natural state (caused by non -human purpose). Most of the embryos quickly stopped developing after bed, which occurred before 12 weeks of pregnancy and became early abortion, and from 12 weeks to 28 weeks before becoming advanced abortion.

What factors can cause natural abortion?

Look at the process of pregnancy: The combination of sperm eggs forms fertilized eggs → embryo bed → develops and grows in the uterus, usually about 10 to 14 days after the same room, you can know if you are pregnant by checking HCG through blood testing.

1. Genetic factors

If the fertilized egg itself has problems, for example, the couple have chromosomal abnormalities and the genetic defects of the embryo, then pregnant mothers are prone to abortion.

Especially in early abortion, about 50% to 60% of them are abnormal chromosomes, and abnormalities are too outrageous, and they cannot develop into a normal human.Even if you survive, there will be abnormalities or certain function abnormalities after birth, and natural abortion avoids you to give birth to a malformed baby.

2. Maternal factors

Imagine that there is a problem with the soil where the seeds survive, will the fruit coming out of the fruit be healthy?The same is true of fertilized eggs. If there are various problems in the mother’s body, natural abortion may occur.

(1) Uterine abnormalities, cervical incomplete function:

Uterine abnormalities include congenital malformations, uterine fibroids, uterine cavity adhesion, endometrial polyps, etc. The habitual abortion caused by the abnormal uterine is 1.8%-37.6%, which is a common cause of late abortion.

(2) Endocrine dysfunction

Diabetes, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, luteal dysfunction and obesity are high risk factors.

(3) Various infections occur

During pregnancy, systemic diseases such as high fever, bacterial or virus infections, severe anemia, heart failure, chronic nephritis, and hypertension.

4) Complex autoimmune factors

It is related to these three diseases: anti -phospholipid antibody syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, and dry syndrome, which can easily lead to recurrent abortion and delayed development of fetal palace.

3. Environmental factors

This can be regarded as the wind and rain outside the soil, such as heavy metals: lead, mercury, organic solvents, alcohol and ion radiation is a positive environment.Essence

Is natural miscarriage prevention prevention?Can children keep?

October bacteria remind pregnant mothers that when you have abnormal vaginal hemorrhage, abdominal pain, or some inspections are not normal, such as HCG rises slowly or decreased, you need to choose a divorce.

▼ If there is a problem with the embryo itself, it is more difficult to keep it.

▼ If it is because the external bacterial virus threatens the development of the fetus, it can be intervened in method of progesterone.

October fungus suggestion: You need to do these points as much as possible.

1. Grasp the age of fertility

Small pregnant mothers less than 19 years old are prone to abortion. The pregnant mother between the ages of 20-24 is relatively low, which is 8%-9%.After the age of 30, the ovarian function has gradually declined, the number of high -quality eggs decreases, and the natural abortion rate has begun to rise. After the age of 45, the natural abortion rate rose to 74.7%.

After the age of 35, the vitality of sperm began to decline, and when it was 40 years old, the risk of miscarriage would increase steadily.So, hurry up when you are young.

2. Reduce the number of abortion times

According to "China Obstetrics and Gynecology Science":

▼ Women who have a history of absence of production 3 times and above, but the abortion rate of living babies is 30%

▼ The abortion rate of women who have no history of infant fertility rose to 50%

▼ The clinical abortion rate of women with no abortion history is 5%

If you are pregnant, try not to be easy to do people. If you do more people, the probability of natural abortion will increase.

3. Adjust the living environment of pregnant mothers

It is necessary to adjust the work that may cause fetal malformations, such as interior decoration, hairdressing, nail artist, etc.If you work too tired, you need to stay up late to work overtime, and you need to change it in advance to avoid teratogenic factors such as poison, virus, radiation.

4. Develop good living habits

Diet should also be balanced. It is recommended to deliberately supplement a variety of nutrients at least 3 months before pregnancy.For example, eating 6-8 different foods a day, fresh fruits and vegetables, coarse grains, lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, milk and beans are best to help improve the quality of eggs.At the same time, don’t forget to add extra folic acid tablets. 0.4 mg is enough every day until you are pregnant for 12 weeks.

5. Preparation of pregnancy check must be done

Before preparing for pregnancy, you must do a comprehensive medical examination.Including gynecological examination, routine hematuria, liver and kidney skills, endocrine, eugenic series, etc., chromosomal examinations should be performed if necessary.

6. Bao Dad must also prepare for pregnancy

Bao Da quit smoking and drinking for at least half a year. Do not soak hot springs and wash sauna. It is best not to stay up late.

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