What to do during pregnancy?

Where does the anemia from pregnancy come from?

Anemia is a disease that is closely related to nutrition.Anemia will not only make expectant mothers fatigue, palpitations, and dizziness, but also significantly increase the various complications of mothers, fetuses, and newborns, such as hypoxia in the fetus, postpartum bleeding and blood transfusion treatment.Therefore, we must pay attention to anemia.Nowadays, everyone’s nutritional conditions are generally good, and pregnant women have become better and better.However, the survey shows that the incidence of anemia during pregnancy in my country is as high as 10%to 30%.Many pregnant women have mild or moderate anemia, but they do not know.

Whether pregnant women are anemia mainly depends on blood -red protein indicators in the routine of blood.The diagnostic standard for anemia during pregnancy is: the hemoglobin in the peripheral blood of pregnant women is less than 110 grams/liter.According to the level of his hemoglobin, the degree of anemia during pregnancy can be divided into 4 degrees, that is, mild anemia is 100 to 109 grams/liter; moderate anemia is 70-99 grams/liter; severe anemia is 40-69 grams/liter; extremeSevere anemia is less than 40 grams/liter.

The most common anemia during pregnancy is iron deficiency anemia. As the name suggests, it refers to the anemia caused by iron deficiency.As an indispensable trace element, Iron not only provides the expectant mothers themselves during pregnancy, but more importantly is to transport the baby in the stomach.By the third trimester, the blood in the expectant mothers will increase by 30%to 50%compared to before pregnancy.As the main component of hemoglobin, iron needs to increase naturally.Now that pregnant women are eating well, why are there any anemia?Because, not only should you supplement nutrition during pregnancy, but also scientifically supplement nutrition. For example, drinking soup and not eating meat cannot increase the intake of trace elements.Develop good dining habits to avoid the lack of trace elements.Persist in eating composite vitamins, and can also supplement a small amount of iron.

How should I make up for anemia?

l can effectively supplement the iron after eating right

Eat more foods rich in iron.Common iron -rich foods include dark fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry and red meat.For example: broccoli, spinach, cherry, eggs, animal organs, beef, etc.In addition, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage containing vitamin C can promote iron absorption and can be eaten together.In addition, tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. can inhibit iron absorption, so remind expectations of expectant mothers should drink less tea, coffee, etc. during pregnancy.

l is particular about taking iron.

When anemia is serious, you cannot rely on food to correct it, and follow the doctor’s guidance to take iron.After supplementing iron, most expectant mothers ‘anemia will be corrected, but some expectant mothers’ anemia has not improved significantly. In fact, as long as it does not reach moderate and above anemia, you don’t have to worry too much.In order to avoid food suppression of iron absorption, it is recommended to take oral iron 1 hour before eating and take it with vitamin C to increase the absorption rate, but avoid taking the same drugs at the same time.If you take an iron stomach on an empty stomach, you can take it with meals.If anemia during pregnancy, after delivery, you must take the iron for 3 months to correct anemia and reduce the occurrence of postpartum complications.

l What should I do if I take iron, what should I do?

Even if the hemoglobin does not rise significantly after the hemoglobin does not rise significantly, it is still effective, and it must continue to be supplemented, because the supplementary iron preferentially absorbed by the baby, and it has not been a pregnant woman to absorb.If the supplement is stopped, the hemoglobin of the mother may not be able to maintain it even at the original level, and it will continue to decline.After the iron supplement, hemoglobin does not decrease or rise is effective.If the iron supplement is supplemented according to the normal recommended dose, the hemoglobin continues to decline, and the relevant examination needs to be done to eliminate other diseases.

All in all, a reasonable and healthy diet during pregnancy is very important, and iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy starts from prevention.Even if anemia is anemia, anemia can generally be corrected to follow the doctor’s suggestion.

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