What to do during pregnancy?Can’t just bear it!

What about dental disease during pregnancy?

During pregnancy is the period of dental disease. On the one hand, due to the increase in calcium elements during pregnancy, the teeth are easy to loosen. On the other hand, the hyperplasia of gums during pregnancy and congestion can easily induce inflammation. In addition, the level of dental care and health care in the Chinese population is relatively backward. Many people have basic dental diseases.The accumulation of many factors has led to increased dental disease during pregnancy.

Common periodontal disease and dental caries, periodontal disease is closely related to premature birth, which is why dental screening is used as one of the contents of pre -pregnancy examination.

Once the dental disease occurs during pregnancy, the dental disease should be seek medical treatment in a timely manner, and the dentist explains that the pregnancy stage is in the pregnancy stage. Doctors will weigh the advantages and disadvantages when deciding the treatment measures.

What are the causes of toothache?

1. Smart teeth inflammation

Due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the original inflammation of the gums worsen, which is acute.In this case, it can only be used in the dental specialist, and the mouthwash (with Chinese medicine ingredients) can be used.

2. Portitis or Periodontitis

Generally speaking, pulpitis or pertine inflammation develops from dental caries.This situation requires drilling, which is emergency treatment, and analgesic relieving is immediate.Physical operations, local medicine, have no effect on the fetus.

3. Eternistic effects

During pregnancy, due to the increased estrogen and progesterone in the body, the endocrine system has changed a lot, causing the capillaries of the gums to expand, bend, and weaken the elasticity of the gums, which leads to the increase in blood stasis and the transparency of the vascular wall.Swelling and bad breath cause gingivitis.

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How can I stop my toothache without taking anti -inflammatory drugs?

1. Garlic

Garlic has a good sterilization and anti -inflammatory effect. In many cases, toothache has a lot to do with inflammation, so at this time, pregnant women may wish to relieve toothache by eating garlic.In addition, the method of external application can also effectively relieve toothache. You only need to smash the garlic, apply it on the pain point after warmth, and the symptoms of toothache can be significantly relieved after a period of time.After a lot of research, garlic not only has the effect of relieving toothache, but also can effectively treat oral diseases such as pulpitis and periodontitis.

2. Ginger

No matter what causes the toothache, ginger has a good relief effect.You only need to clean the ginger and slices, and then take a small piece to bite it in the pain. Usually, the symptoms of toothache will be obviously relieved after half an hour.If necessary, you can use it repeatedly, and it is okay to be in your mouth when you sleep.

3. Baijiu

Take 100 grams of ordinary liquor into the tea tank and add 10 grams of salt, stir, wait for salt to dissolve and cook on the stove. With a bite in a painful place, be careful not to swallow, toothache, the toothache stops immediately.

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