What to do during pregnancy and how to improve?

After pregnancy, pregnant women often feel sleepy, and it is difficult to wake up even as soon as they fall asleep.Many pregnant mothers will have lethargy. Of course, don’t worry too much. This situation is normal during pregnancy. So what causes the drowsiness during pregnancy?Is it good or bad?Let ’s take a look at the drowsiness during pregnancy!

What are the causes of drowsiness during pregnancy?

Change hormone changes in the body: After pregnancy, the body’s body hormone has changed significantly, such as the significant increase in rises ofrdin, which will affect sleep.

Machining hormone secretion: After pregnancy, it is experienced to secrete a luteum hormone. This kind of luteum hormone has the effect of protecting the fetus and preventing abortion.At the same time, it can also have a role in anesthesia for pregnant women, and I always feel tired and want to sleep.

Increased weight: After pregnancy, the increase in weight of pregnant women will increase the pressure in the uterus, which will lead to an increase in the amount of blood output in the heart. Therefore, pregnant women often feel tired and want to sleep, but the quality of sleep is often not high, and it is easy to wake up and insomnia.

The basal metabolism in the body becomes faster: Compared with ordinary people, the basic metabolism in pregnant women is faster, so the calorie consumption in the body is also fast, which causes insufficient blood sugar, which is one of the reasons for the drowsiness.

Excessive anxiety and tension: After pregnancy, the mental state of pregnant women will change from time to time, and it will feel anxious and nervous from time to time. This will reduce the quality of sleeping for pregnant women, which is also an important reason for drowsiness.

Dyslexia during pregnancy

Generally speaking, after pregnancy, women are easy to feel tired, want to sleep, and increase their sleep time.You must have a nap during the day, otherwise you will yawn or doze off.These are one of the symptoms after pregnancy, and the drowsiness of pregnant women is a normal phenomenon.Enough sleep is very important for pregnant women, so pregnant women have drowsiness in the early stages of pregnancy. Don’t worry, you should eliminate concerns.

How to improve the symptoms of drowsiness?

First of all, try to make the life and rest of the expectant mothers return to normal. In addition, expectant mothers can find some interesting things to do and divert attention during the day.About 14 to 15 weeks of pregnancy, after the placenta is complete, the pecontal symptoms of expectant mothers will automatically weaken.It is very necessary to have a sufficient rest during pregnancy. It is not necessary to control herself without controlling drowsiness.The warm reminder of Chengdu Xiyue Confucius Center: If the symptoms of drowsiness seriously affect the normal life or schedule of expectant mothers, the expectant mothers can eat a small amount when they eat. When you are tired, you might as well sleep for a while, but do not exceed one hour to avoid insomnia at night.

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