What to do if you are a mother, but the progesterone is low

Hard -worked hard to prepare for her mother, and I have not yet experienced this joy.Do you know that low progesterone is very dangerous for pregnant mothers, and many expectant mothers have a miscarriage.what to do?How to treat it?

First of all, what is progesterone!

E progression is also known as progesterone, and English abbreviations are "P"; a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone is an important hormone that supports the early growth and development of the fetus. High concentration of progesterone is obviousThe sedative effect is also very important to support early pregnancy, and it is necessary to maintain pregnancy.

See, do you have these symptoms?

Many pregnant mothers do not understand the low progesterone. When you have the following symptoms, you must be alert to too low progesterone ↓↓↓

1. Abdominal pain

2. vaginal bleeding

3. Increased weight, hypoglycemia, mental depression

4. Breast pain

So, what is the normal value of progesterone?

Pogoone has its normal value in different periods. The following is the normal value reference data of women’s progesterone in different periods.

Fillet period: 0.6 ~ 1.9nmol/l

Lightstick period: 20.7 ~ 102.4nmol/L

7 weeks of pregnancy: 76.4 ± 23.7nmol/l

8 weeks of pregnancy: 76.4 ± 23.7nmol/l

9 to 12 weeks of pregnancy: 118.6 ± 40.6nmol/L

13 to 16 weeks of pregnancy: 142.0 ± 43.7nmol/

17-20 weeks of pregnancy: 197.5 ± 43.7nmol/L

21-24 weeks of pregnancy: 346.0 ± 111.4nmol/L

25-34 weeks of pregnancy: 514.8 ± 111.4nmol/L

35 weeks of pregnancy: 630.2 ± 146.6nmol/L

36 weeks of pregnancy: 171.6nmol/L

Moon pregnancy: 81.1nmol/L

Dry!Guide to hyperactively low -key progesterone

Pregnant mothers with low progesterone can supplement progesterone through food supplement or medicine supplement. In addition, pay more attention in life.

Food supplement

丰 Eat more ingredients containing a relatively abundant soy -exotic & loar to help the body produce more progesterone.Recommended foods are soybeans.

维 维 Eat more ingredients containing natural E ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat, milk, eggs, and squeezing vegetable oil.

Eat more fruits containing fruits and dietary fiber, such as peaches, grapefruit, hawthorn, strawberry, kiwi, duck pear, etc.

Low progesterone should avoid eating spicy and irritating food.

。 Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

性 Try to eat less cold food.

Medicine supplement

Under the guidance of doctors, injecting or oral progesterone, or puffed gonadotropin with chorionic gonadotropin, to promote luteal function, thereby solving the problem of low progesterone in pregnant women.


Mogoone needs long -term conditioning to return to normal levels. Therefore, pregnant women with low progesterone should be recuperated, bedblag to protect tires, reduce fatigue, and do less heavy work, so that they can get full rest.During the fetal protection, in addition to resting in bed, in addition to resting in bed, it is strictly forbidden to sex, and it is strictly forbidden for sexual life.


I hope that mothers with abnormal progesterone should not be too nervous, maintain a positive attitude towards life, pay more attention to clothing, food, housing, and transportation. Under the instructions of the doctor, take medicine normally. Find a doctor to return to the doctor from time to time. I believe you can pass the difficulty and have a healthy baby.of.

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